Pocket WinRVM version history

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2.0.3  2/3/20

Fixed bug with ePortal reporting (if "Support ePortal" was enabled in the Host Options): if the RVM wasn't communicating at the time of the midnight ePortal report, the daily can/glass/PET counts could be negative or set to the total number of containers ever accepted for that commodity.

2.0.2  5/3/18

Fixed major bug introduced in ver 2.0.1: when writing a Q file for a multi-commodity RVM, only one data set would be written to the file. For example, in a can/PET RVM, only the can barcodes would be written.

2.0.1  11/20/17

This version has a major bug relating to saving multi-commodity RVM Q files and should not be used!

Added CF1500 ePortal support.
Fixed problem introduced in ver 2.0.0: in Manual Mode, if tapped a different RVM to communicate with, the next toolbar tap would be ignored.

2.0.0   2/28/17

This version has a major bug relating to saving Q files and should not be used!

Added support for SFTP servers.

When saving a Q file, a new data integrity signature line is added so that tampering can be detected.

Added support for scheduled command files. This allows you to execute a command file on a certain day/time.

1.7.0   7/9/15

Added menu option "File | Clean up barcode files" which deletes all siteidX.TBL barcode files on disk such as 123456A.TBL (except for this PC's site ID) which are extracted as needed from barcodes.zip when using the eDAS 2007 recmod format in the general options.

When sending barcodes files to an RVM at a new site (eDAS 2007 recmod format enabled in the general options):
- Now call the new cleanup procedure first so that barcode files for other sites are deleted to not clog up the Pocket PC's limited memory.
- If sending barcodes to the same site as before but the barcode files are missing (perhaps someone manually deleted the files to conserve disk space), now unzip them from barcodes.zip instead of displaying "File not found".

When downloading barcodes from the RVM, if there are no barcodes in the RVM, now simply abort and display No data in table Q file not written!
Instead of retrieving the counters table from the RVM and prompting the user for a meter reading.

1.6.9   3/31/15

Added "Download before sending barcodes" to the Barcode Options.
Eliminated "Use ASCII Barcode transmit format" from the Barcode Options (now default to not using this).

1.6.8   5/29/14

Added various delays to hopefully fix some "Unable to connect to host" error messages after connecting to the ISP.

1.6.7   3/17/14

If "Get non-part UPCs when downloading" is enabled in the Barcode Options, the non-participating barcodes in the RVM will be deleted after the Q files are retrieved from the RVM and the non-participating barcodes are saved to the Pocket PC.

1.6.6   5/23/12

If an HDS RVM is detected, WinRVM will not attempt to send a weight ticket to it as HDS RVMs no longer support a weight ticket.
Menu item "View | RVM image file date" now supports HDS and Flex RVMs.
If syncing the PC's clock via the internet fails now switch to one of 6 other pre-programmed time servers for the next attempt

1.6.5   6/20/11

In Unattended Mode now support up to 40 RVMs (previously 25 were supported).

1.6.4   6/3/11

Added support for the Ultra HDS RVM.

1.6.3   11/10/10

Fixed major long-standing bug when connected to a barcode client RVM such as an interactive RVM that results in Q files with missing barcode counts.
As a workaround for older versions of WinRVM, set RVM parameter MAXCLIENTUPCS=100.

1.6.2   7/26/10

Fixed problem: after calling the host WinRVM could lock up for up to 80 minutes while it attempted to sync the clock using the internet.

1.6.1   6/10/10

Added support for the LC HighBred RVM.

Fixed a communications problem that sometimes occurs when trying to load new RVM software via RS485.

1.6.0   11/17/09

Fixed bug: for a site running in Unattended Mode, if you inserted and SD card and clicked "Host | Gather RVM data and send to host", RVM 00's Q file would not be in the zip file sent to the host nor saved to the SD card.

1.5.9   10/27/09

Reinstated menu item "Advanced | Search recmod tables for barcode" which now works with the eDAS 2007 recmod formatted barcode tables.

Added menu item "View | RVM IMG file date" which allows you to determine the actual date of an RVM software version by selecting an IMG file.

Fixed bug: if a remote caller running RVM Status set or cleared service mode, WinRVM would send "command failed" to RVM Status even if the command was successfully sent to the RVMs.

1.5.8   8/3/09

Added menu item "View | Last Store Visit Test".

Enhanced interaction with RVMStatus.

1.5.7   6/26/09

Now log a message when the RVM is turned on or door is opened/closed.

"PPC uptime" stats can be logged at periodic intervals.

Various enhancements when used with barcode client RVMs.

1.5.6   4/3/09

In Unattended Mode, the date is now checked on startup and every 60 minutes, and if the date is before 2009 a call will be made to the host to sync the pocket PC's clock.

Added "Retry if no collection in X hours" to the Data Collection Options.

Added 3 new command file commands.

1.5.5   2/17/09

Fixed bug that could cause WinRVM to frequently log "W150: Command to RVM invalid, RVM didn't understand: SETSVC: or ...".

Fixed bug: when Auto-returning to Unattended Mode due to being left in Manual Mode too long, the watchdog program would reset the pocket PC. WinRVM would start up in Manual Mode, eventually switch to Unattended Mode and the watchdog would kick in again and repeat forever.

Replaced menu item "File | Copy RVM downloads from SD card" with new menu item "Copy RVM downloads FROM card ..." which expands to "copy from SD card" and "copy from CF card" when tapped. The ability to copy from CF cards is new.

You can now remotely store images in Hecon/Swecoin printers.

Enhanced support for POS versions of RVM software.

1.5.4   9/26/08

To increase the speed of sending barcodes to the RVM when using the eDAS 2007 recmod format, when visiting a new site, the barcodes for the site are now unzipped for the first RVM only.

In Unattended or Interactive mode, WinRVM now sends a command to set/clear each RVM's service mode once a minute to avoid out of sync problems if an RVM stops communicating then starts communicating later.

The monthly FTP thruput can be limited.

Added "Number of zip backups to keep" and "Enable supplemental barcodes in RVM when sending barcodes" to the Barcode Options.

Fixed problem, when uploading a zip file to the FTP server, if the corresponding temp file already existed and was locked by the FTP server for some reason, WinRVM would be unable to upload the zip file.

1.5.3   5/23/08

Added the ability for the RVMStatus program to remotely connect to a WinRVM site that is connected to the internet via an always-on connection

Added support for RVMs with a Hecon X56 printer with a cutter.

Added menu items "Send to RVM | Put RVM in service mode" and "Send to RVM | Take RVM out of service mode".

Menu item "Advanced | Update RVM program" can now update multiple RVMs.

1.5.2   4/22/08

Now support storing images in the Hecon/Swecoin printer via a new menu item and when sending coupons to the RVM.

When sending a barcode table to the RVM the barcode filename is now also sent to the RVM.

Added support for "barcode client" RVM versions which allows unlimited barcode capacity.

The RVM's Monitor ROM software version may now also be indicated in two places that previously just indicated the RVM's software version.

In the Prompt Options added "Use printer-specific voucher filenames".

If "enable custom parameter prompts" is enabled in the Manual Mode Options, WinRVM now defaults to the RVM's current value for the MAXPAY and PRINTER_TYPE parameters.

Menu item "Advanced | Install RVM program" now defaults to "cf1500 coins.img" if the RVM is configured for coins. The default cf1500.img is now the printer-only version that supports Hecon and Cybertech printers (but not coins).

Added "Payment method" field to the "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" window.

1.5.1   1/21/08

Added a second sleep/wake time set.
Now wake/put the RVMs to sleep every minute as appropriate. This should eliminate the problem of having some RVMs sleeping while others are not in some circumstances.

Fixed bug: when making a scheduled data collection but the RVM had no RVMs in it's memory, WinRVM would log:
Error deleting \My Documents\cf1500\upload\nnnnnn17.ULD. IOException

Fixed bug: the RVM status display could indicate "OUT" for the "SVC" field after an RVM returned to service.

1.5.0   12/18/07

For HP iPAQs, the Pocket PC serial number is now logged on startup and prior to making a scheduled call.

Made several changes and bug fixes relating to the "Create Greek status report file" feature.

1.4.9   11/20/07

If in Manual Mode or Console Mode, made a change to greatly speed up the responsiveness of the pocket pcPC to stylus taps.

WinRVM now reboots after catching one exception (unexpected error) instead of allowing 5.

When performing an RVM software update or board swap the RVM's error log is now saved.

Fixed 3 bugs relating to the "Create Greek status report file" feature.

1.4.8   10/10/07

Added menu item "Advanced | Clear | RVM's card reader log".

Created menu item "File | Update RVM files from SD card" which is similar to "File | Update RVM files from CF card".

If an RVM fails to communicate after being rebooted 10 times by WinRVM, WinRVM will log a message.

Added support for the new column 9 of the ERRLIST file which will be "R" if the RVM should reboot for this error (Greek RVM software versions Oct 5 2007 and later only).

Added "Create Greek status report file" check box and "delimiter" field to the internet options. If enabled, WinRVM will write various RVM status info to the file RVMStatus.txt.

1.4.7   9/11/07

Created "File | Copy RVM downloads to SD card" which is similar to "File | Copy RVM downloads to CF card" except it copies the downloads to an SD card.

1.4.6   8/16/07

Fixed bug: during a scheduled data collection the watchdog file wasn't being written. If it took more than 10 minutes (the default watchdog timeout) to collect the data from the RVMs and call it in, the watchdog program would reboot the pocket PC. A similar problem would occur when sending new barcodes (or other files) to a large group of machines.

Fixed bug: if a new PocketWinRVMWatchdog.exe was remotely received, an I/O error would be logged when WinRVM tried to copy it to \cf1500.

1.4.5   8/1/07

If unzipping multiple files from a zip file and an error occurs, the entire operation is now aborted. This prevents a corrupted zip file sent to a site via FTP from sending possibly corrupted tables to the RVMs.

Fixed bug: "File | Copy RVM downloads from SD card" was creating the temp zip file in the root directory of the pocket PC instead of in "\from SD card". This means the temp zip file wasn't being deleted at the end of the procedure.

1.4.4   7/30/07

Fixed long standing bug: in Unattended Mode, if it was time to put the RVMs to sleep or wake them up or put them into/out of service mode and an RVM wasn't communicating, WinRVM would get stuck in a loop, constantly retrying to communicate with the RVM.

1.4.3   7/19/07

Changed the "File | Copy RVM downloads to CF card" function to be more robust in case of a CF or SD card write error.

Added support for the new eDAS 2007 barcode format.

Added two new command-file commands to make a folder and rename a file

Added menu item "Host | Store visit test"

Renamed menu item "File | Copy Q files from tech's SD card" to "Copy RVM downloads from SD card".  This now also copies zipped Q files from the SD card and prompts the tech to enter a 4-digit PIN and creates a giant zip file named 77+PIN_date/time.zip.

Added menu item "Host | Send RVM downloads to host".

When sending a voucher to a Swecoin printer, the store name and number are now centered.

When sending barcodes to an RVM in binary format, now sanity check the barcode file.

1.4.2   5/10/07

Made compatible with Palm Treo 750 pocket PCs.

Added ability to send SMS text messages when an RVM error occurs.

WinRVM now detects and logs "exception errors" that occur instead of crashing.

The program "PocketWinRVMWatchdog.exe" is now launched in unattended mode.

Added support for RVM software that supports a loyalty card scanner.

Added support for Greek RVM software that can print an error log report via keypad command #4,05.

Fixed several major bugs.

1.4.1   1/15/07

The internet time sync feature is disabled in this version of software to to avoid setting the month and day backwards in foreign locations.

Added compatibility with Pretec SD modems.

Fixed bug: the error message "num<0 in ConvertByteArrayToString!" required the user to tap OK, even in Unattended Mode.

1.4.0   1/5/07

Added error trapping to various FTP-related routines to hopefully avoid a "native exception code 0x80000002" (out of memory).

Fixed various display problems when run on a Smartphone.

1.3.9   12/20/06

WinRVM now detects the screen size and orientation (portrait/landscape) an adjusts accordingly. 

Added "Show virtual keyboard for text entry" checkbox to the General Options.

1.3.8   12/6/06

A different method is now used to detect timeouts when making a phone call. Hopefully this will avoid a "native exception 0xc0000005" lock up error observed in testing. This new method is now also used when waiting for an RVM to respond and when answering a remote call.

Created a new command file command to download an RVM then clears the barcode and total counts (meters).

Fixed bug: if using a bluetooth access point for the POS connection only, dialing a modem would result in a "dial-up never connected" message, followed by "modem not responding" and the pocket PC would reboot.

1.3.7   12/1/06

Added support for a bluetooth access point in the POS Options.

WinRVM now reboots itself if it gets low on memory to avoid a lock up.

Menu item "File | storage info" now also displays the memory status.

Fixed a POS-related bug.

1.3.6   11/20/06

Fixed POS-related bug.

1.3.5   11/9/06

Made several changes to improve RVM communications.

1.3.4   11/1/06

A major bug was found with this version, it should not be used.

Added a do-not-call list feature in case a pocket PC is erroneously programmed with a residential phone number instead of the ISP's phone number.

On startup, a list of dial-up connection names and phone numbers is now written to "\my documents\cf1500\ISP.txt".

Created menu item "File | Offload unsent downloads to card". This feature is intended for pocket PC's normally running in Unattended Mode to transfer unsent RVM downloads (zipped Q files) to a technician's SD or CF card. This is useful if there is a problem with the phone line or ISP.

Made several changes to improve RVM communications.

1.3.3   10/16/06

Added support for future RVM software that supports the binary barcode transmission format only.

Fixed bug: when resending a message to the POS system when the RVM was using a UPC instead of a 20-digit barcode on the voucher for testing purposes, the RVM port # could be wrong in the POS packet.

1.3.2   10/11/06

WinRVM now processes POS messages and other buffered RVM messages from all RVMs when it is performing an action that requires it to communicate with all RVMs.

Increased the allowed number of buffered RVM communications messages to support the recent RVM changes.

1.3.1   8/31/06

In Unattended Mode, the pocket PC will now reboot (up to 10 times) if the RVM com port can't be opened.

In Unattended Mode WinRVM can now detect a specific RVM communications problem and reboot the RVM if it occurs.

Various bug fixes.

1.3.0   8/28/06

Various bug fixes.

1.2.9   8/11/06

A bug was found with this version, it should not be used with the "use ASCII barcode transmit format" unchecked in the Barcode Options.

Multiple dial-up connections are now supported in case the primary one fails.

The "Automatically center store info on vouchers" feature added in pocket WinRVM 1.1.7 is now compatible with Hecon printer vouchers.

Added "Get POS Log when downloading" to the General Options.

Enhanced the "File | Update RVM files from CF card" feature to upgrade pocket WinRVM to a new version via the CF card.

When using "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" to change the store name or number, WinRVM now offers to recenter the store name and number on the voucher and set other RVMs at the site to match.

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.2.7: when downloading an RVM and WinRVM determined the barcode table in the RVM's memory was unsorted and the user selected "yes" to WinRVM's prompt to fix the problem, WinRVM would display an error message "File not found: \SD Card\bb\Qnnnnnn".
Workaround: download the RVM a second time and retry the sort fix.

1.2.8   7/10/06

Added support for POS (Point Of Sale) systems, which requires a special version of RVM software.

When prompting the user for a filename, made a change to hopefully prevent techs from loading the wrong barcode table to a multi-commodity RVM.

When attempting to load the wrong barcodes into an RVM now display a clearer error message.

Fixed bug: if more than 20 files were remotely sent to a site via the siteid.zip on the host system, WinRVM would crash for an "index out of range exception".

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.2.2: when redownloading a Q file, any existing Q file was overwritten instead of appended to.

1.2.7   5/17/06

Now prompt the user to create a backup after updating WinRVM via the Host menu or after running "File | Update RVM files from CF card".

When the month changes, all monthly log files such as "WinRVMlog Month 04.txt" are now compressed into a corresponding zip file such as "WinRVMlog Month 04.zip". All monthly log (.txt) files are then deleted.

Fixed major bug introduced in version 1.2.2: when downloading a multi-commodity RVM, the Q file would only contain one download set.
For example, a can/PET or a 3-way RVM would only contain the PET download. A can/glass RVM would only contain the glass download.

1.2.6   5/8/06

A major bug was found with this version, it should not be used.

Created menu item "File | Update RVM files from CF card".

Renamed menu item "File | Copy RVM data to CF card" to "Copy RVM downloads to CF card".

1.2.5   5/4/06

A major bug was found with this version, it should not be used.

When saving a Q file, if an SD card and a CF card are both inserted, the Q file will now be saved to the SD card instead of the CF card.

Shortened the "File | Make generic/individual RVM parameter files" verification screen text so that it all fits properly on certain smartphones which have a smaller screen.

Fixed bug: if the dial-up connection failed for some reason, WinRVM was still attempting to sync the clock which would result in a "Unable to sync clock" message.

Fixed problem: if WinRVM locked up or was rebooted during the "Host | Compress existing Q files" feature, the site ID would be set to whatever the user had entered for the filename.

1.2.4   4/14/06

A major bug was found with this version, it should not be used.

Created menu item "File | Copy RVM data to CF card".

When WinRVM connects to the internet it now synchronizes the pocket PC's clock with an internet time server.

In Unattended Mode, if no RVMs are communicating when a scheduled data collection occurs, WinRVM retries the scheduled data collection when an RVM is turned back on.

When WinRVM reboots itself during a call to the host because of a modem problem, the call will be retried 3 minutes after WinRVM restarts.

After a "PacketOut timeout!" error, WinRVM now reboots itself to prevent getting in a mode where it won't answer incoming calls on the modem.

Fixed bug: changing just the crusher type via "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" had no effect if an individual RVM parameter file based on serial number existed.

1.2.3   4/3/06

A major bug was found with this version, it should not be used.

Added "Charity voucher" check box to the Prompt Options to support special RVM versions that can print charity donation vouchers.

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.2.2: in Manual Mode when prompting the user for a table name when sending a table to an RVM, the following error message would display:
"PocketWinRVM.exe InvalidCastException cast from string "[ folder ]" to type 'Date' is not valid."

1.2.2   3/29/06

A major bug was found with this version, it should not be used.

This is the first version of WinRVM that works on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices such as the new HP iPAQ 2190.

Created "Run WinRVM automatically after reboot" checkbox to the General Options.

In Unattended Mode, WinRVM now reboots itself if the modem doesn't respond.

If an RVM is not responding, now only reboot that RVM a maximum of 10 times.

Added "Reboot PPC every X days at Y (time)" to the Unattended Mode options.

1.2.1   3/14/06

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.2.0: scheduled calls weren't deleting the Q files from "\My Documents\bb\backup". The Q files would get larger and larger, as the RVM data is appended to the existing Q file when downloaded.

If a remote Pocket WinRVM program update fails, i.e. the "updater" program gets stuck displaying "waiting for pocket WinRVM to close", you can now simply reboot the pocket PC, rerun WinRVM, and it will now update itself automatically.

Added a "save" button when in console mode to save the contents of the display.

When clearing the RVM's Meters via "Advanced | Clear | RVM's meters only / RVM's barcode counts and meters", now restore the RVM's coin vend security code".

When remotely receiving any recmod files those files are now automatically moved to the recmod folder (\barcodes).

When rebooting an RVM because it's not responding, now log "RVM n not responding, rebooting it".

1.2.0   2/15/06

Fixed bug: the dial-up/FTP routines would sometimes be unsuccessful and display errors such as "unable to change dir" or "unable to upload file".

In Unattended Mode the RVM's meter reading is now logged after the RVM reports an error

Added "Report when RVM returns to service after failure" check box to the Internet Connection Options.

1.1.9   1/23/06

Added "Days of month" field to the Host Options to specify days of the month to also make a scheduled call.

When WinRVM is started it now detects if parms.tbl has changed and will automatically create the generic and individual parameter files.

Added new command file commands: Delay,MakeGenericParms,LogRVMStatus, UploadRvmTable. The SetRvmParameter command was enhanced to allow you to change parms.tbl or one of the parmsdif files.

1.1.8   1/9/06

Added "Log additional debugging messages" to the General Options.

Fixed bug: whenever the RVM's clock was set by WinRVM, the clock was always set to AM.

On startup, WinRVM now checks if another copy of WinRVM is already running.

To hopefully fix an occasional "Can't open modem port" error, increased various delays.

1.1.7   12/16/05

The store name and number are automatically centered on vouchers when sending any voucher file to a Cybertech text printer.

You can now remotely send coupons to RVMs in Unattended Mode.

Added "Automatically sync RVM clock with PC clock in Manual Mode" and "Enable custom parameter prompts" to the General Options.

You can now reboot the pocket PC via remote caller (MUSTATUS) or via a command file.

Fixed bug that could cause corrupted Q files and then having corrupted barcodes reloaded into an RVM.

Fix bug that prevented WinRVM from putting the RVMs to sleep and waking them up.

Fixed bug: in Unattended Mode, if the error host was disabled, scheduled calls wouldn't retry after the first attempt.

1.1.6   10/10/05

Added 3 additional scheduled call time fields in the Host Options.
Created menu item "Advanced | Search recmod table for barcode".
In Unattended Mode, the RVM clocks are synced with the pocket PC every 3 1/2 min

1.1.5   8/31/05

Fixed misleading error message: if the SD card can't be read or written to and WinRVM tries to send data to the FTP server it would log "FTP upload failed". WinRVM now logs "Can't open file: [filename]" instead.

1.1.4   8/30/05

Fixed bug: if WinRVM was unable to connect to the host FTP server as part of a scheduled data collection, subsequent scheduled data collections would not attempt to dial to connect to the internet.

1.1.3   8/26/05

Improved the FTP capabilities.
Added "connect type" and "passive" settings to the Host | Edit FTP server configurations.
Added "Dial non-LAN connections" checkbox to the Internet Connection Options 

1.1.2   8/8/05

Fixed bug: tapping caused WinRVM to extract the barcodes correctly but then erroneously prompted for the file name to send to the RVM.

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.0.9: the "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" feature would not allow you to change the RVM or crusher type of an existing RVM.

1.1.1   7/28/05

Fixed long-standing bug: the log file (WinRVMlog.txt) was never deleted after a scheduled call in Unattended Mode.

Fixed long-standing bug: if WinRVM had the modem enabled to process incoming calls during Unattended Mode and the modem only rang once, WinRVM would call the host and after the call it erroneously set the "host server" to "disabled". 

1.1.0   7/8/05

Fixed compatibility problems with the Crinc FTP server
Added "Show dial-up Access numbers" to the Internet Connection Options.
Now support up to 25 RVMs in Unattended Mode (up from 17).

1.0.9   6/22/05

Improved the error handling routines to prevent program crashes related to writing files.

Added support for Hawaii's glass RVMs with enhanced capacity.

1.0.8   5/24/05

Added coupon support. Added menu items "Advanced | Check/reset code CRC" and "Advanced | Change coin vend security code".
Menu item "Host | Compress existing Q files" no longer requires the site id entered to be 6 digits.
Added "Copy Q files from tech's SD card" feature.
Added the ability to change folders when a directory listing is displayed when prompting the user for a filename. 
Fixed bug: menu item "Advanced | Install RVM program" would not work for a brand-new RVM controller or an RVM controller whose
memory was trashed such as after the battery dies.

1.0.7   3/31/05

Fixed minor bug. This is the first fully-tested version to support Unattended Mode.

1.0.6   3/29/05

Replaced the individual options like General Options, Prompt Options, etc. on the File menu with a new "File | Options..." menu item.
Added checkboxes to "Data collection times" (Host Options) for the days of the week to call in scheduled data when in Unattended Mode.
Fixed problem when downloading a file from the host.

1.0.5   3/15/05

This version also runs on the new iPAQ 2110 pocket PC (previous WinRVM versions would not).
Fixed a problem in Pocket WinRVM version 1.0.4 in the dial-up routine that connects to the internet.
When the user taps the "Save to file" button, the file is now saved in the cf1500\upload folder instead of the cf1500 folder.
Fixed the problem of having partially written zip files on the ftp server if the call is dropped while WinRVM is transmitting data to the host system. 

1.0.4   12/15/04

This version has a bug and should not be used: the "HS" line in the Q files had a bogus "Q" before the serial number such as "HS Q123456".

Added support for Unattended Mode.

Added new "Send" menu items:

When prompting the user for the cash voucher file name, now pop up a reminder window.
After creating a Q file now copy the Q file to "My documents\bb\backup" to serve as a backup in case the memory card is lost.
Created a restricted version for CRC.

1.0.3   10/26/04

Added memory card support.
When using the "Receive" menu to retrieve the Error Log, Parameters, or PINs from the RVM, WinRVM now shows a "Save to file" button after the data is retrieved from the RVM. 

1.0.2   10/8/04

Fixed major problem: when the RVM had a MON ROM prior to 2/14/00, the pocket pc would sometimes lock up when sending data to the RVM.

1.0.1   9/17/04

Added toolbar tooltips.
Fixed a few bugs.

1.0.0   8/2/04

This is the initial test version of pocket WinRVM, which is similar to the desktop version of WinRVM, but it runs on a PDA, specifically, a "Pocket PC" device such as the HP iPAQ 2215. 
See the "Pocket PC install info" document for info on how to install Pocket WinRVM software and various other required files and programs..