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Quatech RS-485 adapter ( PCI model SSCLP-200/300) Installation instructions

  1. Move jumpers J6 and J7 so that the jumper is connecting pins 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3. This enables the 120ohm terminating resistor. All other jumpers should be left in the default setting (not connecting any pins).
  2. If your PC doesn't have a compact backplane (very common), replace the card's short installation bracket with the included tall installation bracket.
  3. Turn off the PC and remove the case.
  4. Insert card into any empty PCI slot. Tighten the installation bracket screw. 
  5. Replace the PC's case and turn on the PC.
  6. Windows should automatically detect the new PCI device and prompt you for the driver location. Insert the installation CD and select "install drivers automatically". If you don't have the drivers on CD, the latest drivers can be downloaded from Quatech or from Envipcotech.com: Windows 95/98/ME drivers, Windows XP/2000 drivers (ver 1.65)
  7. To verify the RS-485 adapter installation, look for a new RS-485 COM port in Window's device manager (click the "Run Windows Device Manager" button in the RVM communications options then double-click "ports"). Or, to run the device manager manually:
    for Win XP: click "start | control panel | performance and maintenance | system | hardware | device manager". Then double-click "ports".
    for Win 95/98: click "start | settings | control panel | system | hardware | device manager | ports
    Typically, RS485 adapters will be installed as COM4 or COM5.

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