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Sealevel's Sealink+485 model 2102 Installation instructions

  1. Don't plug the adapter into the PC yet! Boot into Windows.
  2. If you have a USB flash drive containing the driver software, navigate to the "Sealevel USB driver" folder on the removable media and run setup.exe, then skip to step 8.
    Otherwise, insert manufacturer's CD (or download drivers from web site. If downloaded the drivers from the web site, unzip the files and run setup.exe, then skip to step 8.)
  3. A "Sealevel" window should pop up - click "Install Software".
  4. Click part # 2102 (USB RS-422/485/530 adapter)
  5. Click Windows 98/ME/XP.
  6. Click "Virtual COM: port driver"
  7. Click "Open" to run the setup program.
  8. Click "next" when the wizard runs.
  9. Click "Yes" to agree to the license agreement.
  10. Enter "Envipco" in the user name and company name fields then click "next".
  11. Click "next" when prompted for the destination location.
  12. Click "next" to install the typical setup.
  13. Click "next" to accept the default program folder location.
  14. Uncheck "Launch help file" then click "finish".
  15. Exit the Sealevel window by clicking the X in the top-right of the window.
  16. Insert the 2102's USB plug into the PC.
  17. Windows should automatically detect the new USB device and run the "Found new hardware wizard".
  18. Select "Install the software automatically" and click "next". If an error message such as "ftdibus.cat/ftdiport.cat cannot be found" is displayed, click "skip".
  19. Windows may display "the software you are installing has not passed Windows logo testing to verify it's compatibility with Windows XP". If so, click "Continue anyway".
  20. Click "finish".
  21. Windows may run the "Found new hardware wizard" a second time; again select "install software automatically" and click "next" and follow prompts as above.
  22. Remove the CD from the drive.
  23. To verify the RS-485 adapter installation, look for a new RS-485 COM port in Window's device manager (click the "Run Windows Device Manager" button in the RVM communications options then double-click "ports"). Or, to run the device manager manually:
    for Win XP: click "start | control panel | performance and maintenance | system | hardware | device manager". Then double-click "ports".
    for Win 95/98: click "start | settings | control panel | system | hardware | device manager | ports
    Typically, RS485 adapters will be installed as COM4 or COM5.
  24. NOTE: you'll need a special DB25F to RJ45 adapter (Envipco P/N 303655) to allow you to connect the RVM's RJ-45 connector to the Sealevel device.

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