WinRVM version history

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4.1.1  2/21/20

You can optionally configure WinRVM to prompt for a password when clicking any actionable item.

4.1.0  1/15/20

Fixed bug with ePortal reporting (if "Support ePortal" was enabled in the Host Options): if the RVM wasn't communicating at the time of the midnight ePortal report, the daily can/glass/PET counts could be negative or set to the total number of containers ever accepted for that commodity.

4.0.9  11/7/19

On startup, show an error message and exit if WinRVM isn't running from the normal "\Program Files\WinRVM" or "\Program Files (x86)\WinRVM" location.
If you run WinRVM from a non-standard folder location for some reason, do not upgrade to this or a future WinRVM version without contacting software engineering first to request your custom folder location be added to WinRVM.

4.0.8  8/28/19

Menu item "Host | Send RVM downloads to host" now also sends U48/Flex/360 Q files such as Q123456.dqf.

4.0.7  7/10/19

To allow the distributor list in ePort.cfg to be remotely updated:

Added new command file commands:

ePortStop (stops any running python process like ePort)

UpdateFileString "filename" "text_anywhere_in_line" "replacement_text" (updates a line of a file that contains the specified string and replaces the text in the string to the end of the line with the replacement string)

UpdateFile filename "beginning_of_line_text" "replacement_text" (updates a line of a file (enclose filename in quotes!) that starts with the specified string and replaces it with another string)

4.0.6  11/20/17

Added CF1500 ePortal support.

Fixed long-standing bug: if the scheduled call time was the same as an RVM sleep/wakeup time or a monitor power saving on/off time, the scheduled call will have precedence and the other action wouldn't be performed.

4.0.5  10/24/17

Fixed bug introduced in WinRVM 4.0.4 related to sending files to an SFTP server.

Fixed bug: if remotely received a command file to change the barcode file naming convention, the setting didn't take effect until after WinRVM restarted or Options were entered and OK clicked.

4.0.4  10/11/17

There is a bug in this version that prevents sending files to an SFTP server, only use FTP servers for this version!

Various improvements when sending data to an SFTP server.

Support spaces in Windows Dial-up connection names.

4.0.3  10/2/17

Added "Texan (Greece)" to the default FTP server list in "Host Options | Edit FTP server configurations".

Fixed bug that occurred in Greece: if customer had manually entered 2 or more additional FTP servers via "Host Options | Edit FTP server configurations" and then updated to WinRVM ver 4.0.0 to 4.0.2, when entering the Options, WinRVM would display the message: "Run-time error '383': 'Text' property is read-only" and every field in the options would be blank. The only way to recovery would be to click "Reset ALL settings to default values" in the General Options. If user then tried to revert back to WinRVM 3.x.x, the same problem would occur when entering the Options.

Updated the WinRVM setup program to exclude the file comctl32.dll, as this prevented the installer from completing on some PCs.

4.0.2  8/15/17

Made change to prevent/reduce timeout errors when sending a file to an SFTP server over dialup.

Fixed problem: if the error "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" occurred while sending a file to an FTP server, no files would be sent to the server.

4.0.1  5/23/17

When saving a Q file, a new data integrity signature line is added to the file so that tampering can be detected.

Added support for scheduled command files which allow you to execute a command file on a certain day/time.

Fixed problems related to 3-way enhanced capacity glass RVMs.

4.0.0  12/21/16

Added support for SFTP servers.

3.7.6  9/26/16

Allow running with the RVM com port disabled in Unattended Mode to prevent logging lots of RVM communications error messages.
This unusual configuration is used in some HyVee stores in MI; WinRVM is simply used for FTP communications along with esDAS, it doesn't communicate with an RVM.

3.7.5  3/9/16

Added ePort receipt validator support.

3.7.4  11/11/15

Fixed bug: when "Download barcodes prior to sending barcodes" was enabled in the General Options, and new barcodes were remotely (or via esDAS) sent to a multi-commodity RVM, the barcodes were retrieved from the RVM and a Q file was created for each commodity. So for a 3-way RVM, the RVM would be downloaded 3 times, which could take several minutes.

If configured to start in interactive mode, on startup don't show the "Enter manual mode button" (for security purposes).

Added support for a "slot machine" type configuration where a "you lost" video can be played for every container accepted except when a prize coupon is printed, then a "you won" video is played instead.

Can now show a coupon selection screen when customer gets a prize coupon via the RVM's PRIZE_ODDS parameters

Targeted videos can now be played for containers accepted without a barcode

3.7.3  9/9/15

Changes to prevent dialup disconnect problems.

The default value of "Passive FTP connection" in the Host Options is now enabled.

Made changes to avoid a possible "not responding" windows message when sending files to the host server over dialup.

Added menu option "File | Clean up barcode files".

Now gracefully handle downloading barcodes from the RVM when there are no barcodes in the RVM.

Menu "Host | Send monthly log" is now allowed if the RVM comm port is disabled.

Change to fix problem of the card reader log not being cleared sometimes.

3.7.2  4/2/15

Improved readability when run on tablet PC with small display.
Barcodes are now automatically downloaded from the RVM prior to sending barcodes to the RVM.

3.7.1  3/24/15

Added CF1500/LCM/HDS legacy RVM support to the ePort.

3.7.0  11/25/14

When sending coupons to the RVM and the RVM sends a message that the RVM's coupon memory is full, now also log a new warning (defined in the ERRLIST file):
0491 W L N Coupon memory full

Since coupon versions of RVM software between 4/2/09 and 11/19/14 have a bug that do not report when the coupon memory is full, WinRVM will not allow more than 64K of coupons to be sent to the RVM. If attempted, the following warning will be logged:
0492 W L N Coupon memory probably full

After sending coupons to the RVM, the total file size of all coupons is now logged such as: Total coupon file size sent: 60,536

When sending a table to the RVM, the file size of the table is now logged such as:
send to RVM: LCD messages (c:\cf1500\messages.tbl, 14,006 bytes)

Now log RVM communications errors even if "Log additional debugging messages" is disabled.

Fixed bug introduced in WinRVM 1.3.4 that prevented RVM data from being sent in if WinRVM was unable to transmit the data to the host and then WinRVM was restarted, as all zip files in \bb were being moved to \bb\backup on WinRVM startup.

Fixed problem: if the backup folder (c:\bb\backup) was somehow a file instead of a folder, no Q file backups would be saved.

Interactive Mode Changes:
Now ignore any leading or trailing spaces in the on-screen logo filename in CouponInfo.ini, previously this would result in the coupon logo not being shown.
Now only log the "playing random ad:" messages when "Log (even more) additional debugging messages" is enabled.

3.6.9  5/29/14

Reimagine: you can now define the number of times to attempt to dispense a loyalty card to the customer.

3.6.8  5/1/14

Reimagine: Fixed bug: if customer's account was expired due to inactivity, they could choose "New user | Earn points" and swipe their old card number which would display "sorry this account is expired", but it would allow them to redeem points if they had enough points available.

3.6.7  4/22/14

Fixed problem preventing dial-up modems from working in 64-bit versions of Windows.

3.6.6  4/21/14

Reimagine: Fixed bug that would eventually result in a "No rewards available" message because after the language was changed 20 times.

3.6.5  4/11/14


After printing a bank receipt/charity receipt/sweepstakes receipt/daily participation reward, the customer is prompted to remove the paper.
Prior to printing the customerís first reward, if the printerís front sensor is blocked, the customer is prompted to remove the paper.

3.6.4  3/17/14

The non-participating barcodes can now be deleted from the RVM after they retrieved and saved to a file.

Added "Number of RVMs to show" to the RVM Comm Options which dictates how many RVMs are visible on the main window. Previously this was hard-coded to 6.

Fixed problem: if remotely sent a zip file containing a file without an extension such as "errlist", the file would not be extracted from the zip nor processed when using Z-zip.

3.6.3  2/20/14

Fixed issue that could prevent WinRVM from sending data to an FTP server and displaying "remote folder doesn't exist".


Added support for printing a unique participation reward depending if the customer selects bank, donate, sweepstakes, or rewards.

Started adding preliminary support for gift codes.

3.6.2  11/15/13

Fixed long-standing email bug: when two errors occurred rapidly, only the second error would be reported via email.
When sending barcodes to an RVM now indicate how many duplicate barcodes were removed.
Added further support for a Greenbean RVM.


A unique redemption code is printed on rewards so that customers can log into a website to redeem rewards.

3.6.1  9/12/13

The email username and sender fields can now be specified independently to support more emails systems.

Menu item "Host | Send RVM downloads to host" no longer rezips existing zip files. This makes it easier for Envipco personnel to find the tech zip files "77+PIN*.zip" on the server (they're no longer rezipped into the sending site's site ID).

Created menu item "File | Copy U48 barcode files from SD card to USB stick"


When both printers fail the machine no longer goes out of service.

Added support for new 12-digit loyalty cards that begin with 2653 that use the last two digits as a checksum. These cards greatly reduce the risk of a fraudster printing a series of valid card numbers, as the card numbers are no longer sequential.

3.6.0  8/14/13

Removed support for Eppsi mode.

Whenever an email fails to send a detailed error message is now logged.

Added preliminary support for a Greenbean RVM.

Reimagine: If the connection to the Reimagine is lost, now retry to connect every so often.

3.5.9  8/7/13

In the General Options removed the "USB stick drive letter" and "SD card drive letter" fields as various following menu items now pop up a dialog box showing the removable drives for the technician to choose from.

Fixed bug in "Host | Send RVM downloads to host".

Fixed bug: if sending an email with an attachment such as the NexCycle daily report but the internet was down, once the internet came back up and the email was resent, the attachment would not be included if there were more than one email recipient.


Eliminated "If no barcode scanned in X minutes" and supporting fields from the Reimagine Options and moved these settings to the bigfoot.ini file instead.

3.5.8  7/26/13

When sending coupons to the RVM, no longer show an error message if the coupon filename is longer than 13 characters.

Added menu item "Host | Send monthly WinRVM log to host" which sends the current log file such as "WinRVMlog Month nn.txt" to the host.

Increase the FTP upload/download speed when WinRVM is in Unattended Mode or Manual Mode.

Fixed longstanding bug: if a command file was remotely received which included a "SendFile" command, the file being uploaded would fail if it took longer than 2 seconds to transmit. When this occurred the temp zip file wasn't deleted from c:\cf1500.

3.5.7  7/23/13

The subject and body of error emails can be customized.

Loyalty card fraud can now be detected and generate an email.
Displaying a message to the customer (supplied by the database) when a card is swiped now supports multiple languages.

3.5.6  7/9/13

When WinRVM is installed via the setup program (as opposed to updating an old version), WinRVM now uses the 7-zip program (7za.exe) for data compression instead of the Info-zip program because 7-zip works on both 64-bit and 32 bit version of Windows.

3.5.5  6/11/13

In the General Options, split "SD card/USB stick drive letter" into two settings: "SD card drive letter" and "USB stick drive letter" as they may have different drive letters.

When the building door opens and thereís no previous error, if the key isnít turned or Esc isnít pressed within this many minutes (if non-zero), WinRVM will report as down to the web site and send an email indicating error "596: Building door opened unexpectedly".
In the school donation screen, greatly improved the speed of screen updating when the customer is spelling the school name.
Fixed long-standing bug: some schools did not show up in the list if the customer scrolled the list instead of using the search feature.
Fixed bug introduced in WinRVM 3.5.1: if the bigfoot PLC indicated an error condition and Esc was pressed on the UI PC then Reimagine mode was run, the welcome screen was shown instead of the out of service screen.
Changed the default address of the rackspace FTP server from to
Added DatabaseSource setting to bigfoot.ini so that the database address can be changed easily. The default is
Any type of database error will now send an email to the "developer email addresses" in the Misc Options.

3.5.4  5/14/13

Fixed bug: the "File | Copy U48 RVM downloads from USB stick" feature introduced in WinRVM 3.5.2 didn't work because it was looking for the wrong Q file extension.

3.5.3  5/7/13

Added "Send test email" buttons to the Misc Options for the error reporting and NexCycle daily report.
Added "Log if missing barcode table weight info" checkbox to the Misc Options which defaults to enabled. This allows other markets to use this feature without logging "Weight missing: barcode n" for every barcode.
The "Advanced | Restore memory from Q file" feature now supports 3-way enhanced capacity glass RVMs.

Reimagine: Added support for printing multiple copies of each reward.
The on-screen messages will automatically change to the customer's default language when they swipe their card.
Added support for not allowing users with expired cards from using machine.
Can now display a specific message to a customer when they scan their card.
To allow multiple customers to have duplicate phone numbers (but different PINs), changed the logic when the customer elects to enter a phone number and PIN.

3.5.2  4/17/13

Created menu item "File | Copy U48 RVM downloads from USB stick".

Added support for winrvm_commands_post.txt, a command file that is executed AFTER processing the other received files.

Reimagine: Added voucher template command to allow all the gift-card vouchers to be replaced by a single generic voucher.
The scanner is now reset after a customer inactivity timeout.

3.5.1  4/2/13

Reimagine: Fixed bug: sometimes the out of service screen screen was shown for no apparent reason.

3.5.0  3/25/13

Added menu items "File | Update RVM files from SD card", "Host | Send RVM downloads to host" which behave like pocket WinRVM.

Added menu item "Advanced | Restart RVM (simulates cabinet door open/close)".

Menu item "Host | Receive NexCycle files from host" now imports the WinRVM registry settings.

If "Automatically return to Unattended Mode" is enabled in the Unattended Mode options, no longer start WinRVM minimized (only when "Automatically return to Interactive Mode" ) is enabled.

Fixed problem of having to press the "abort comm" toolbar button multiple times to stop communications.

Fixed problem: when downloading barcodes from an RVM, if an "MP" counter in the Q file was too large (greater than 2,147,483,647), the following error would be logged: "Error in MakeQFile: writing counters, bufr=4294965818(): 6 : Overflow" and a pop-up "File in use" window would display "The action can't be completed because the file is open", forcing WinRVM to wait until someone clicked "Try again", "Skip", or "Cancel".

3.4.9  3/6/13

The monitor can be put into power-saving mode during a specified timeframe.

Reimagine: added ability to reset the touchscreen and reduce the timeout on the OK button after printing a receipt.

3.4.8  1/23/13

To make setting up a NexCycle easier, added menu item "Host | Receive NexCycle files from host".

The "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" and "Advanced | RVM Configuration List" menus now allows up to 29 alpha-numeric characters for the site ID.

After loading the program to an RVM, if an "W659: RVM memory CRC error, RVM controller may be bad!" error occurs, now display "Continue anyway? (not recommended as this may cause bizarre/unpredictable RVM behavior and/or crashes)".

3.4.7  1/4/13

Increased the width of the "Port" field in the RVM status display so that 2-digit port numbers such as COM10 are shown correctly.

Reimagine: Added GateErrorTimeout setting to bigfoot.ini to not report "E574: Unable to close input gate" error if the machine goes back into service within this many seconds (default is 45).

3.4.6  11/29/12

Reimagine: changes to resolve an issue where loyalty cards are not able to be scanned.

3.4.5  11/26/12

Fixed major bug introduced in WinRVM 3.4.3: if remotely received a file from the host FTP server, moving the file to c:\cf1500 would fail, and the corresponding received file was deleted from c:\cf1500. If barcodes were remotely sent via FTP server to a barcode client RVM such as NexCycle or interactive RVM, the RVM would stop accepting containers!

3.4.4  11/14/12

This version has a major bug and should not be used, use WinRVM 3.4.5 or later.

Tweaks to make WinRVM work better on a tablet PC.
Fixed bug: no longer show a pop-up window when WinRVM starts up in interactive mode such as "Can't load overrides, file not found:".
Fixed bug: if the body of an email contained a "-" character the email would fail, such as for message "W457: RVM self recovery - returned to service".
Fixed bug: if the internet connection was down and an email failed, subsequent email retries would keep appending "This email originally failed to send [date/time]" to the email body for each retry attempt.


When sending a status file to the FTP server WinRVM now deletes any temp status files on the server so these temp files don't litter the FTP server.
When a database command fails, the failed commands are now written to a file. Database error emails are now sent to a separate email address.
A bank receipt can now be printed if the program times out for no customer activity.

3.4.3  10/23/12

This version has a major bug and should not be used, use WinRVM 3.4.5 or later.

Fixed bug introduced in WinRVM 3.4.1: scheduled data collections didn't work.

Added NexCycle daily reporting feature.
Failed emails are now resent.
Added Misc tab to the Options.
No longer email a bogus RVM error 0 "unknown error" as this indicates the RVM is not out of service.

3.4.2  10/16/12

This version has a bug: scheduled data collections don't work, use WinRVM 3.4.5: or later to avoid this problem!


Reduced number of messages logged when sending a status file or when periodically contacting the host to receive a file.
Fixed bugs.

3.4.1  10/5/12

This version has a bug: scheduled data collections don't work, use WinRVM 3.4.5: or later to avoid this problem!

For netbook PCs, added menu item "File | Copy RVM downloads from SD card".

The format of error emails can be customized.

Fixed bugs.

Reimagine: added support for a "red light/green light" web page to show the operational status of a Reimagine site for customers.

3.4.0  6/15/12

Reimagine: added support for a customer survey.

3.3.9  5/11/12

Reimagine: added support for market-wide reward quantities.

3.3.8  5/9/12

Dramatically increased the speed of writing Q files when run under Windows 7 for barcode-client RVMs such as interactive RVMs and NexCycle/EarthWize RVMs.

Fixed bug: if two different RVM or Reimagine errors occur rapidly and WinRVM is configured to send an email for errors, both errors are now reported. Previously, only the 2nd error was being emailed.


"Unable to close input gate" errors are now ignored if they occur immediately after another error.

The Reimagine unit can is now fired up every few hours of no activity to recalibrate the camera.

3.3.7  4/19/12

Fixed an issue observed in Australia in an interactive barcode-client RVM where the RVM's barcodes weren't always cleared after sending/receiving barcodes.

Reimagine: The mobile unit can now be configured to prompt user for their phone number when entering a raffle. The raffle winner selection screen now displays the winner's phone number.

You can now specify that specific rewards or participation rewards are not available to new customers

3.3.6  4/3/12

Added "Ping internet connection every X minutes" to the General Options for wireless modems to keep the internet connection alive.


Prior to allowing an existing customer to use the machine, now check if any pending database commands need to be sent for this customer, and if so, retry the commands immediately. If the database update for this customer fails, the message "Sorry, try later, database needs updating" will displayed.

3.3.5  3/28/12

Added "Passive connection" to the Host Options in the FTP section. Enable this setting on PCs equipped with 4G aircards such as used by NexCycle to prevent FTP transfers from locking up WinRVM at 0 bytes transferred.

If an HDS RVM is detected, WinRVM will not attempt to send a weight ticket to it as HDS RVMs no longer support a weight ticket.

Added "Passive connection" to the Host Options in the FTP section. Enable this setting on PCs equipped with 4G aircards such as used by NexCycle to prevent FTP transfers from locking up WinRVM at 0 bytes transferred.

Sending an email now supports more email systems such as gmail that use SSL.

Added "Don't prompt for meter reading for any RVMs" checkbox to the General Options.


Fixed bug that sometimes caused a bogus "E515: Reimagine not connected" to be emailed after the PC was restarted.

WinRVM no longer retries SQL syntax errors, as they will never succeed.

3.3.4  3/1/12

Added support for command file commands to send the current and previous monthly log files.

For esDAS, added "Write RVM status file every minute" checkbox to the Unattended Mode Options.

Interactive: Now close the "On-Screen Keyboard" program on startup to avoid a "COM port already open" error.

Made change to hopefully fix reports of the Watchdog program occasionally popping up in interactive RVMs.

Reimagine: Added space bar button to the onscreen keyboard to allow customers to search for "little elm".

3.3.3  2/6/12

Added "Don't prompt for meter reading for flex/LCM RVMs" to the General Options as current flex RVMs don't have a mechanical meter.

Fixed problem of being unable to call into some sites if the ring detection was slower than normal.

Reimagine: The coupon code entry screen now supports letters and numbers.

3.3.2  1/26/12

Fixed issues relating to uploading/downloading files from an FTP server.

3.3.1  1/17/12

Added "Errlist col 8 override character for all errors" setting to the Host Options.
Reimagine: If a receipt fails to print the receipt is now printed on the second printer.
Interactive: can now ignore unrecognized loyalty cards.
Bug fixes.

3.3.0  1/15/11

Menu item "File | Create generic RVM parameter files" now creates parms.lch for the 3-way LCM which use the new files parmsdif.LCH, parmsdif.LSH (which can be found in the RVM data files).

3.2.9  11/9/11

Reimagine: added option to automatically print the participation reward at end of customerís transaction without requiring user to press the "Press here to receive a special bonus offer today" button.

3.2.8  11/4/11

Fixed bug introduced in WinRVM 3.1.6: for a non-Reimagine site, if WinRVM remotely received a file and an old version of \cf1500\bigfoot.ini was present, the following pop-up message could be displayed, even in Unattended Mode:
"Missing ',x=' from ParticipationRewardReceipt=cpn=BigfootParticipationRewardReceipt.vou,max=0,start=06/30/10,end=12/31/11"
essentially locking up WinRVM until OK was clicked.

3.2.7  10/24/11

You can now define days of the week for RVMs to sleep the entire day.
For barcode-client RVMs, when the RVM can't hold any more cached barcodes WinRVM no longer creates a full Q file (this prevents an annoying long delay before the RVM will accept the next container).

3.2.6  10/13/11

Added support for an on-screen simulated RVM LCD for the interactive LCM/Flex RVM which doesn't show the 2-line LCD to the customer.
Added "Stop Interactive Mode when door opened. When door closed resume previous mode." checkbox to the Interactive Mode Options

3.2.5  9/26/11

Added support for up to 36 RVMs (up from 29) in the "Advanced | RVM configuration list" screen.

Reimagine: at the end of the customer's transaction the language selected is now logged.

3.2.4  9/7/11

Reimagine: added support for a new "coupon code" feature.

3.2.3  8/29/11

For NexCycle in CA, changed the barcode client search algorithm to search all 3 barcode tables for an exact barcode match before searching for wildcard barcodes. This lets you configure a multi-commodity RVM with wildcard barcodes in multiple barcode tables to support brown PET bottles not recognized by the PET sensor or glass bottles with PET labels.

3.2.2  8/15/11

Fixed major long-standing Reimagine bug: if updating the online database failed at the end of a customer's transaction and a subsequent retry attempt failed to connect to the database, no further retries would be attempted. This potentially allowed a customer to not be credited for the containers just inserted or not have points deducted if they had spent points on a reward/sweepstakes/donation.

3.2.1  8/8/11

The "Advanced | RVM configuration list" now just show the RVMs already defined instead of all 28.

Added the Envirobank FTP server to the default FTP server configuration list.

Fixed bugs.

3.2.0  7/18/11

Added "Contact host if single ring" to the Modem section of the Unattended Mode Options which defaults to enabled.

Fixed bug: if \cf1500\bigfoot.ini was present but WinRVM wasn't configured as a Reimagine site, the Reimagine "Please wait" screen would be shown briefly after receiving a file from the host.

3.1.9  6/28/11

Interactive versions can now save a list of unknown barcodes scanned by the RVM. Fixed bugs.
Removed "Use ASCII Barcode transmission format" from the General Options (WinRVM no longer supports ASCII barcode transmission) because if enabled, the RVM can't support more than 2845 barcodes. WinRVM can no longer send/retrieve barcodes from RVM software versions created prior to 7/31/00.

3.1.8  5/18/11

Renamed "flex" to "HDS".
The "Advanced | Compare parameters to defaults" feature is now compatible with HDS and LCRVM machines.

Reimagine: added new "Official rules" button to the school name selection screen.
Fixed bugs such as sweepstakes bug that could permit one more entry than was allowed.
Handle online database retries more gracefully.

3.1.7  5/9/11

Fixed issue that resulted in duplicate card reader transactions being logged when not using the online database to store loyalty card data.
Reimagine enhancements.

3.1.6  4/25/11

Reimagine enhancements such as adding edit mode.

3.1.5  3/15/11

Reimagine enhancements.
Fixed problem when running on Windows 7.

3.1.4  3/1/11

Added support for two new Mobile Reimagine modes.

3.1.3  2/24/11

Added "Reboot after FTP retries exhausted" option.
Added "Log detailed timing info at end of each line" option.
Reimagine enhancements.

3.1.2  1/28/11

Reimagine enhancements: added support for mobile unit.

3.1.1  12/22/10

For esDAS, added support for a new command file command:
which sends all existing zip files in c:\bb to the host, no data is collected from the RVMs.

3.1.0  12/3/10

Reimagine enhancements.

3.0.9  11/18/10

Reimagine enhancements.

3.0.8  11/10/10

Fixed major long-standing bug when connected to a barcode client RVM such as an interactive RVM that results in Q files with missing barcode counts.
As a workaround for older versions of WinRVM, set RVM parameter MAXCLIENTUPCS=100.

3.0.7  11/8/10

Holding the shift key while clicking the interactive or Reimagine mode icons now restarts WinRVM
Reimagine enhancements.

3.0.6  10/25/10

Added support for the flex RVM.
Reimagine: no longer show the school selection screen for new donate-only users.

3.0.5  10/13/10

Added "Min containers to show coupon selection screen" to the interactive mode options (default value=0). The coupon selection screen is now only shown if the customer inserted this number of containers.

WinRVM can now also email RVM errors when in Unattended/Interactive mode.

Reimagine enhancements.

3.0.4  8/16/10

Reimagine enhancements.

3.0.3  7/30/10

Reimagine enhancements. Can now email errors.

3.0.2  7/13/10

Reimagine enhancements.

3.0.1  6/10/10

Added support for the LCM HighBred RVM.

Changed the default value of "Reboot Delay" in the RVM Comm Options from 1000 to 2000 which fixes a communications problem that sometimes occurs when trying to load new RVM software via RS485.

3.0.0  6/7/10

WinRVM now supports a major new operating mode called "Reimagine Mode".

Added support for 2-digit COM port numbers

Interactive enhancements.

2.0.6  1/20/10

Fixed bugs:

- In Interactive Mode, if a container was inserted that was supposed to play a targeted ad, the ad would not play immediately even if InterruptRandomAdsWithTargetedAds=yes in VideoPlaylist.ini.

- If the CouponRotationPhoto in VideoPlaylist.ini pointed to a file that didn't exist, instead of logging "ad not found: LoadingPleaseWait.jpg" it would log "Unable to load coupon rotation, C:\cf1500\filename.cls not found" and not load coupons to the RVM.

- On WinRVM restart, the coupon selection screen was always reset to couponinfo.ini, not the last file used.

2.0.5  12/14/09

Added support for RVM's keypad command #3,09 to force WinRVM to make a scheduled call.

Fixed problem: when writing a Q file the Monitor ROM software version wasn't always included on one of the "HI" lines.

Fixed long-standing bug: menu item "Retrieve from RVM | error log" only showed the text description of the very first error.

Interactive mode changes:

Different sets of coupons can be loaded to the RVM based on the time of day/week/month/year.

A certain video can be played after the customer inserts their first container:

2.0.4  11/2/09

Reinstated menu item "Advanced | Search recmod tables for barcode" which now works with the eDAS 2007 recmod formatted barcode tables.

In the Interactive Mode Options under the "Online database section", added "For unrecognized cards:" field which determines what to do when a user swipes a loyalty card that is not found in the online database.

Fixed bug that would log erroneous warnings if the online database feature was enabled and keypad command #9,99 was entered to exit interactive mode.

Fixed bug that prevented a barcode-targeted video ad from playing.

2.0.3  8/27/09

Added "Seconds to delay before entering interactive mode when holding shift key" to the Interactive Mode Options.

Fixed bug: a corrupted video could cause subsequent still images to be played rapidly until the next video was played.

Now log a warning if the dimensions of a still image are large.

2.0.2  8/21/09

Added "Auto-enter this mode on startup" to the Unattended Mode Options to the right of "Automatically return to Unattended Mode/Interactive Mode after X minutes".

2.0.1  8/18/09

When entering Interactive Mode, WinRVM now sends a command to the RVM(s) to set the RVM's CPNSELECTTIME parameter to a value equivalent to the time defined by the "Show coupon selection screen timeout" in the Interactive Mode Options.

2.0.0  8/3/09

Added support for the new Incentive Logic "web services" online database for adding loyalty card points.

Added menu item "View | Last Store Visit Test" .

Enhanced interaction with RVMStatus.

1.9.9  6/12/09

In Interactive Mode when showing logos on the coupon or charity selection screen, the bottom image could sometimes get cut off and the bottom of the "p" in "Please select charity/coupon" could get cut off.
Web pages stored on the hard drive can now be displayed in Interactive Mode.
Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.9.1: processing the command file command "SetRvmParameter [parms.tbl] parm=value" did not work.

1.9.8  5/14/09

Improved support for barcode client RVMs.

1.9.7  4/22/09

Added support for wildcard barcodes when communicating with an RVM version that uses the barcode client feature.

1.9.6  4/3/09

Enhanced the Create Greek status report file.

Enhanced support for POS versions of RVM software.

Added 3 new command file commands.

Added the ability to show a coupon selection screen when a customer presses the cash button in Interactive Mode.

1.9.5  12/15/08

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.8.7: after performing an RVM software update, a Q file wasn't being created.

Enhanced interactive mode.

Added "Hardware handshaking" drop-down box to the RVM Comm Options.

1.9.4  11/8/08

You can now remotely store images in Hecon/Swecoin printers.

Removed support for the obsolete IBM DAS-generated recmod barcode tables.

Fixed bug that could cause WinRVM to frequently log "W150: Command to RVM invalid, RVM didn't understand: SETSVC: or ...".

1.9.3  10/16/08

Added FTP transfer timeout feature.

Enhanced the prompt when selecting "Advanced | Update RVM program".

1.9.2  9/12/08

Added "Enable supplemental barcodes in RVM when sending barcodes" to the General Options.

Fixed bug: command file "SendFile WinRVM registry settings" now works.

1.9.1  8/15/08

Note: this version has a bug that resets the RVM comm port baud rate to 38.4K on startup.

In Interactive Mode, when displaying the charity selection screen in response to a customer pressing the RVM's charity button, the charities can now be represented by images instead of text

In Unattended or Interactive mode, WinRVM now sends a command to set/clear each RVM's service mode once a minute to avoid out of sync problems if an RVM stops communicating then starts communicating later.

The monthly FTP thruput can be limited.

1.9.0  7/29/08

Note: this version has a bug that resets the RVM comm port baud rate to 38.4K on startup.

If the PC reboots unexpectedly WinRVM now returns to same mode it was in instead of returning to Manual Mode.

Fixed problem that caused WinRVM to lock up when sending data to an FTP server if running on fast dual-core CPUs.

Fixed problem: when uploading a zip file to the FTP server, if the corresponding temp file already existed and was locked by the FTP server for some reason, WinRVM would be unable to upload the zip file..

WinRVM can now be configured to reboot the PC if no RVMs are communicating.

In Interactive Mode, added support for a webcam to allow a customer to contact a call center for "live help".

1.8.9  6/23/08

Added support for RVMs with a Hecon X56 printer with a cutter.

Added menu items "Send to RVM | Put RVM in service mode" and "Send to RVM | Take RVM out of service mode".

Menu item "Advanced | Update RVM program" can now update multiple RVMs.

1.8.8  6/3/08

Added support for RVM keypad command #9,97 to shutdown the interactive PC.

Added "Sync clock via internet" feature.

Added the ability for the RVMStatus program to remotely connect to a WinRVM site that is connected to the internet via an always-on connection

1.8.7  4/22/08

When sending a barcode table to the RVM the barcode filename is now also sent to the RVM.

In the Manual Mode Options added "Use printer-specific voucher filenames".

If "enable custom parameter prompts" is enabled in the Manual Mode Options, WinRVM now defaults to the RVM's current value for the MAXPAY and PRINTER_TYPE parameters.

Menu item "Advanced | Install RVM program" now defaults to "cf1500 coins.img" if the RVM is configured for coins. The default cf1500.img is now the printer-only version that supports Hecon and Cybertech printers (but not coins).

Added "Payment method" field to the "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" window.

Added "Sync clock via internet" to the Host Options

Fixed interactive mode bugs.

Added "Show charity selection screen" to the Interactive Mode Options.

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.8.5: menu items "Send to RVM | Loyalty cards to accept" and "Error list" did not send any table to the RVM.

1.8.6  3/6/08

Now support storing images in the Hecon/Swecoin printer via a new menu item and when sending coupons to the RVM.

Added Swecoin printer option to the "Payment Type" field in menu item "Advanced | RVM configuration list".

1.8.5  2/25/08

Added support for "barcode client" RVM versions which allows unlimited barcode capacity.

Added menu item "Send to RVM | Repeat Last Command" (keyboard shortcut F6).

The RVM's Monitor ROM software version may now also be indicated in two places that previously just indicated the RVM's software version.

1.8.4  1/11/08

Added a second sleep/wake time set.
Now wake/put the RVMs to sleep every minute as appropriate. This should eliminate the problem of having some RVMs sleeping while others are not in some circumstances.

Fixed RVM communications problem.

Fixed problem observed in Greece: when remotely sending new coupons via a CLS file, a "file not found" error would occur.

Interactive mode changes:

Specific "prime-time" ads can now be played at certain times of the day.

When the charity button is pressed, WinRVM will display a list of charities for the customer to choose from.

This MySQL server login info used to retrieve the card reader's name can now be changed in the Interactive Mode Options.

1.8.3  12/18/07

Fixed bug: if the file WinRVMfilestamps.txt didn't exist in the CF1500 folder, WinRVM could lock up on startup.

Made several changes and bug fixes relating to the "Create Greek status report file" feature.

1.8.2  11/20/07

On startup the splash screen is now shown longer to give the user more time to click the "enter manual mode" button.

When performing an RVM software update or board swap the RVM's error log is now saved.

Fixed bug introduced in WinRVM 1.8.1: RVM errors weren't being logged.

Fixed interactive mode bug that prevents the web browser from displaying.

Fixed problems when "Create Greek status report file" was enabled and errors occurred in two RVMs at the same time.

1.8.1  11/1/07

Added "Welcome message for card reader users" to the Interactive Mode options. When a card reader user swipes his card, WinRVM will query the online MySQL database for the customer's name. The customer's name, along with the welcome message are sent to the RVM to be displayed on the LCD.

Fixed two bugs relating to the "Create Greek status report file" feature.

1.8.0  10/18/07

Added "database date format" drop-down box to the Interactive Mode options.

If an RVM fails to communicate after being rebooted 10 times by WinRVM, WinRVM will log a message.

When downloading barcodes from an RVM, now also indicate the number of barcodes in the Q file that have the container type set to 9 (deleted/reject) such as:
326 barcodes, 14 barcodes flagged as deleted

Added support for the new column 9 of the ERRLIST file which will be "R" if the RVM should reboot for this error (Greek RVM software versions Oct 5 2007 and later only).

Added "Create Greek status report file" check box and "delimiter" field to the host options.  If enabled, WinRVM will write various RVM status info to the file RVMStatus.txt.

1.7.9  9/7/07

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.6.9: if videoplaylist was configured to play a video containing a wildcard for a certain barcode such as:
The ad would not play if only one file matched the wildcard.

1.7.8  9/6/07

For Interactive Mode, changed various mySQL field names to match the changes made to the online database.
Fixed bug related to remotely receiving an MU2000 barcode table.

1.7.7  9/5/07

When remotely receiving a file the size of the file is logged.
When remotely receiving a file and moving the file to the CF1500 folder, an error message will now be logged if the size of the copied file doesn't match the original file size.

1.7.6  8/29/07

When remotely receiving an image file it is now copied to the video folder.
Removed quartz.dll from Setup.exe to avoid installation problems.

1.7.5  8/22/07

Enhanced Interactive Mode: added support for MaxVideoSize setting in videoplaylist.ini, which defines the max size of a video to play.

Fixed bug: during a scheduled data collection in Unattended Mode the watchdog file wasn't being written on some computers. If it took more than 10 minutes (the default watchdog timeout) to collect the data from the RVMs and call it in, the watchdog program would reboot the PC. A similar problem would occur when sending new barcodes (or other files) to a large group of machines.

1.7.4  7/30/07

Fixed long standing bug: in Unattended Mode, if it was time to put the RVMs to sleep or wake them up or put them into/out of service mode and an RVM wasn't communicating, WinRVM would get stuck in a loop, constantly retrying to communicate with the RVM.

1.7.3  7/26/07

In the Interactive Options, added a drop-down list of MySQL server configurations to choose from.  Added "Edit MySQL server configurations" button.
Clicking the "abort comm" button now allows the "Host | Store visit test" to be aborted.

Fixed bug that could generate a "run-time error 70: permission denied" when having WinRVM create a desktop shortcut when run on Windows Vista.

Fixed bug: on startup the RVM status display would display "COM1" in RS232 mode, even if a different COM port was selected.

1.7.2  7/16/07

Added menu item "Host | Store visit test"

Fixed bug: if playing a still image in interactive mode just before midnight, WinRVM would not play the next ad, it would leave the image on screen, but continue to make scheduled calls.
Note: this bug fix could also explain various RVM communications problems occurring around midnight and other strange behavior.

1.7.1  7/6/07

Enhanced interactive mode:
Images no longer blink.
Quitting interactive mode now flushes any buffered videos.
When inserting MySQL records, now assume the RVM includes the meter reading in the card reader log. This requires new RVM software.

Added support for the new eDAS 2007 barcode format

1.7.0  5/29/07

Enhanced interactive mode: replaced the ToggleAdsWithIdleVideo setting with IdleVideoFrequency which defines how often to play the idle video/ad until a customer inserts a container.

All settings that support videos or photos now also support URLs (web addresses).

When Swecoin printer vouchers are sent to the RVM the site name and number are now centered when using a text-formatted voucher in the standard format.

1.69  5/15/07

Enhanced interactive mode to limit how frequently to repeat ads.

Added support for playing ads from a subfolder of the Video Directory

Removed all interactive mode options related to the simulated RVM LCD display and touch-screen buttons .

Loyalty card data can now be updated on a MySQL database on the internet.

1.68  4/25/07

Interactive Mode enhancements: the background color of an image can now be changed. Added support for special barcodes beginning with "WINRVM:".

Fixed bug: trying to run WinRVM while WinRVM was already running resulted in a run-time error 91: "object variable or with block variable not set".

Fixed bug: when downloading an RVM, if the RVM's electronic meter reading was larger than 2,147,483,647 the first "MP" line of the Q file would be 0 instead of the actual meter reading.

1.67  4/12/07

Various Interactive Mode enhancements.

1.66  4/9/07

The "IdleVideo", "PaymentVideo", and "StartVideo" settings can now contain wildcards.

Added support for the new RVM software that sends a command when a loyalty card is scanned.

If playing the "Payment Video" and the next customer inserts a container w/o first inserting a card, the payment video will now be interrupted to play the corresponding ad video.

Now launch the program "WinRVM Watchdog.exe" from the RVM table directory.

1.65  4/3/07

Put the "Advanced | Clear" menu in alphabetical order and added "RVM's card reader log".

in VideoPlaylist.ini:

Renamed RandomAdVideos to RandomAds as photos can be used as ads now.
Eliminated PlayVideos, ShowPhotos settings as these are redundant with the RandomAds setting.

Added "[Adjustments]" section to adjust the volume of specific videos.

Fixed bug: if entering interactive mode but WinRVM displays "RVM configuration lists different site names or site IDs for RVM ", only the audio portion of the video would play and the mouse cursor would be invisible.

1.64  3/30/07

The "Advanced | clear | RVM's coupon counts" feature now brings the RVM back into service.

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.6.2: the "Advanced | Search RVM for barcode" feature would not prompt for the commodity type to search if the RVM supported more than one commodity.

Made various changes to hopefully avoid a run-time error 6: overflow observed in the field at the POS test site.

Added support for the updated ERRLIST format.

Fixed two interactive mode bugs.

1.63  3/2/07

Enhanced "Interactive mode": added support for a loyalty card scanner and printer.

Added support for the new RVM error list ticket.

Added support for RVM software that supports a loyalty card scanner.

1.62  1/16/07

Added "Interactive mode".

Fixed several bugs including POS-related bugs.

1.61  10/23/06

Added support for RVM software versions that support the binary barcode transmission format only.

Added support for POS testing when the voucher barcode is a UPC.

1.60  10/11/06

Increased the allowed number of buffered RVM communications messages to support the recent RVM changes.

1.59  9/28/06

WinRVM now processes POS messages and other buffered RVM messages from all RVMs when it is performing an action that requires it to communicate with all RVMs.

On startup in Unattended Mode, now process any existing command file.

Fixed bug: when an RVM returns to service, the RVM status window would indicate the RVM was still out of service for failures such as printer fails.

1.58  9/1/06

When WinRVM is used in an El Diablo/PC-DAS configuration, El Diablo can now send or receive barcodes from the RVM if WinRVM was accidentally left in Manual Mode.

1.57  8/30/06

Various bug fixes.

1.56  8/28/06

The RVM configuration list now supports the Hecon printer.

Various bug fixes.

1.55  8/11/06

The "Automatically center store info on vouchers" feature is now compatible with Hecon printer vouchers.

Added "Get POS Log when downloading" to the General Options.

When using "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" to change the store name or number, WinRVM now offers to recenter the store name and number on the voucher and set other RVMs at the site to match.

1.54  7/10/06

Added support for POS (Point Of Sale) systems, which requires a special version of RVM software.

When attempting to load the wrong barcodes into an RVM now display a clearer error message.

1.53  5/10/06

The "Search RVM for barcode" feature can now accept multiple barcodes as input.

Fixed bug that prevented you from loading software to an RVM whose memory was trashed. WinRVM would keep displaying "No response from RVM, waiting for METER_:".

1.52  4/5/06

Added "Charity voucher" check box to the Prompt Options to support special RVM versions that can print charity donation vouchers.

If an RVM is not responding, now only reboot that RVM a maximum of 10 times.

Added "Reboot PC every X days at Y (time)" to the Unattended Mode options.

Fixed bug: sometimes the RVM status window would indicate the RVM was in service when it was really out of service. This caused the "Report when RVM returns to service after failure" feature in the Host Options to erroneously report "RVM returned to service" immediately after calling in an RVM error.

1.51  3/15/06

When rebooting an RVM because it's not responding, now log "RVM n not responding, rebooting it".

Added Tekomatic FTP server configuration to the default FTP list.

1.50  2/23/06

When clearing the RVM's Meters via the Advanced menu, now restore the RVM's coin vend security code.

If an RVM doesn't respond to a communications command WinRVM now attempts to reboot the RVM to fix the problem.

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.3.3: the command file command "SendFile" didn't work.

If a command file existed when WinRVM started up in Unattended Mode, and "Look for a command file every 5 sec" was enabled in the Unattended Mode Options, WinRVM would appear to lock up, the last line in the log would be "Waiting for polling routine to finish".

1.49  2/8/06

In Unattended Mode the RVM's meter reading is now logged after the RVM reports an error.

Added "Report when RVM returns to service after failure" check box to the Host Options

Fixed bug: if an FTP retry was pending and a scheduled call occurred that was successful, the FTP retry would still occur.

1.48  1/31/06

Added "View | Send test message to remote display".

Menu items "File | Create individual RVM parameter files / Create individual RVM bin configuration files" now gives the user 3 choices:
Yes = Create parameter files AND send to RVMs
No = Create parameter files only

Added new command file command RemoteDisplayMsg to display a test message on the remote display.

1.47  1/23/06

Added "Days of month" field to the Host Options to specify days of the month to also make a scheduled call.

When WinRVM is started it now detects if parms.tbl has changed and will automatically create the generic and individual parameter files.

Added new command file commands: Delay, Exit, MakeGenericParms, LogRVMStatus, UploadRvmTable, WindowMinimize, WindowMaximize , WindowNormal . The SetRvmParameter command was enhanced to allow you to change parms.tbl or one of the parmsdif files.

Fixed bug: in Unattended Mode when the scheduled call time arrived, if WinRVM had previously failed for 25 FTP retries, it would not attempt to send data.

1.46  12/15/05

The store name and number are automatically centered on vouchers when sending any voucher file to a Cybertech text printer.

Fixed bug introduced in version 1.4.5: after changing to Unattended Mode, sometimes WinRVM wouldn't poll the RVMs.

1.45  11/23/05

WinRVM now supports up to 28 RVMs (up from 18) in Unattended Mode. 

The "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" screen now allows you to enter spaces in the site id. 

Added "Automatically sync RVM clock with PC clock in Manual Mode" to the General Options.

Now always log in Unattended Mode, even if "Log to file" is unchecked.

You can now remotely send coupons to RVMs in Unattended Mode

Fixed bug: many program settings could be messed up if two copies of WinRVM were run at the same time.

1.44  11/16/05

Added "Enable custom parameter prompts" check box to the Prompt Options.

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.2.2: if the "prompt user for table location on startup" feature in the Manual Mode Options was enabled, WinRVM would lock up on startup. This feature now pops up the "browse for folder" window on WinRVM startup.

1.43  11/4/05

Fixed bug: if recmod extraction was enabled and you cleared the barcode counts, then selected "yes" when prompted to reload barcodes, WinRVM could load the wrong barcode table to the RVM.

Fixed bug related to downloading an RVM that contains no barcodes.

1.4.2  10/10/05

Created menu item "Advanced | Search recmod table for barcode".

In Unattended Mode, the RVM clocks are periodically synced with the PC.

After downloading  from an RVM, a message is displayed in the log area indicating when the barcodes were last sent to the RVM.

When WinRVM is run for the very first time, the "prompt for filename" feature is now enabled for the cash voucher.

1.4.1  9/1/05

Added 3 additional scheduled call time fields in the Host Options.

Changed the default Crinc FTP server send/receive folder locations.

When attempting to change directories on the FTP server now log the error message "Unable to change dir to [folder]" if unsuccessful.

Fixed bug: the "Advanced | Install RVM program" feature would erroneously prompt for a file name (and default to Xbarcode.tbl) when "use recmod extraction" was enabled in the barcode options. It now automatically sends Xrecmod.tbl without prompting.

1.4.0  8/8/05

Fixed problem: when run on Windows 98, WinRVM would not detect modem rings and never answer a caller running MUSTATUS.

Fixed bug: tapping caused WinRVM to extract the barcodes correctly but then erroneously prompted for the file name to send to the RVM.

Fixed bug introduced in ver 1.0.9: the "Advanced | Set/modify RVM info" feature would not allow you to change the RVM or crusher type of an existing RVM.

1.3.9  7/28/05

Fixed long-standing bug: if WinRVM had the modem enabled to process incoming calls during Unattended Mode and the modem only rang once, WinRVM would call the host and after the call it erroneously set the "host server" to "disabled". 

1.3.8  6/20/05

Added additional El Diablo compatibility.

Added "prompt for file names" checkbox to the main display .

Various bug fixes.

1.3.7  6/1/05

When sending zip files to the host, WinRVM now sends all zip files instead of just zip files WinRVM created. This allows a WinRVM site running in Unattended Mode to send in data collected from pocket PCs.

Menu item "Host | Compress existing Q files" no longer requires the site id entered to be 6 digits.

Fixed bug: menu item "Advanced | Install RVM program" would not work for a brand-new RVM controller.

1.3.6  3/21/05

When sending a parameter table to an RVM WinRVM now prompts the user to select the printer maxpay amount.
Added menu item "Advanced | Compare parameters to defaults".
When first communicating with an RVM, the RVM's serial number is checked to see if it "BOGUS_".

You can now configure WinRVM to only load the green glass barcodes to an RVM that only accepts green bottles (or brown glass barcodes to an RVM that only accepts brown, etc.)

1.3.5  2/7/05

WinRVM can now increase the barcode capacity of a glass RVM by three times.

1.3.4  12/2/04

Added "Sync RVM's clock with PC" feature.

1.3.3  10/26/04

Added menu item "Host | Compress existing Q files".
When transmitting a file to the host now transmit all zip files in \bb.

1.3.2  8/20/04

Various bug fixes. Added a few enhancements to EPPSi mode.

1.3.1  5/10/04

Added several user interface enhancements, such as the new "mode switch" icon and holding the shift key while clicking certain items performs an alternate action.

Added a "Payment type" field to the RVM configuration list.

1.3.0  4/27/04

Fixed bug in WinRVM version 1.2.9: if MUSTATUS tried to remotely reboot the WinRVM PC, WinRVM would display "Unable to close, remote caller is connected". Windows would then display "this program is not responding" and wait for user input.

1.2.9  4/26/04

The "Advanced | Search RVM for barcode" feature now supports the binary barcode transmission format which no longer limits the search to the first 2845 barcodes.

Now keep 100 zip file backups.

When making a Q file as part of the download process, the meter reading contained on the "HM" line is now 10 digits with leading zeros.

Enhanced the MUSTATUS capabilities.

1.2.8  4/14/04

WinRVM will now answer the call and accept remote commands from a PC running MUSTATUS software.
Added "File | Create WinRVM shortcuts..." to allow the user to create a desktop and/or a startup folder shortcut. 
When WinRVM contacts the host FTP server to see if the host has a file to send, the file is no longer case-sensitive.

1.2.7  3/29/04

No longer send various temp files to the recycle bin, they are now permanently deleted.

Various EPPSi mode changes and bug fixes.

1.2.6  3/24/04

Various EPPSi mode changes and bug fixes.

1.2.5  3/23/04

Added "File | Copy barcode files to floppy".
Added "Look for command file every x seconds" to the unattended mode options.
The command file commands SetReg and DelReg can now specify the registry section.
For debugging purposes, WinRVM now saves an entire year's worth of log entries, separated by month .
When WinRVM is initially installed, the default ftp settings now support the ftp server changes made on 3/22/04.
Changed the default zip/unzip programs from Pkzip to Info-ZIP when WinRVM is initially installed. Info-ZIP is freeware.

Fixed bug: Infrequently the following bogus message would be displayed when sending a file to the host via FTP:
"FTP:InternetWriteFile2 error code: 87 Message: Unable To Complete Request"

Fixed bug: the "Advanced | Search RVM for barcode" feature would display "Unable to determine barcode format, NumFs=0" if the size of the barcode table retrieved from the RVM was more than 29800 bytes.

Fixed bug: when sending an option file, if the first character of any of the parameter names was "T", WinRVM could display "Attempting to load unknown options into a <RVM type> RVM!".

Fixed bug: the individual option file (SerialNo.opt) feature added in WinRVM ver 1.2.2 didn't work, the option file would not be sent.

Added a new "EPPSi" mode to the "WinRVM operating Mode" section in the "RVM Comm options".

1.2.4  2/11/04

Fixed major bug: if the "Options | Unattended Mode | Modem Com Port" was enabled and "Options | Host | Connect Via" was configured to use a dial-up connection, WinRVM would instantly display "Dial-up error 633 attempting to connect to [ISP name]" and no call would be made.

1.2.3  2/10/04

Added support for the new remote command file (winrvm_commands.txt) command "SendFile filename" to sends a specific file to the host.

1.2.2  1/23/04

Added menu item "File | Copy Q files to floppy".
Added "Reboot PC interval" so that the PC can be rebooted every X hours.
Instead of deleting files, WinRVM now sends files to the recycle bin.
Added support for two new commands in the command file (winrvm_commands.txt) which can be remotely sent to a WinRVM site:

Fixed bug introduced in WinRVM ver 1.1.9: the "connect via" setting in the Host options would not list any dial-up connections in the drop-down list, only "LAN" was listed.

1.2.1  12/19/03

Fixed various bugs.

1.1.9  12/5/03

A major bug was found with this version of software (and 1.2.0), do not use.

Enhanced the "Advanced | RVM configuration list" window.
Added "Edit master parameter table (parms.tbl).

Fixed bug in WinRVM versions 1.1.2-1.1.8: WinRVM would lock up when attempting to enter the Options dialog box if no dial-up connections were defined in Windows.

1.1.8  11/24/03

Renamed "Advanced | Clear..." menus.
If "Advanced | Clear..." is used to clear the RVM's barcodes or meters, WinRVM now automatically retrieves the current barcodes and counts first and creates a Q file.

1.1.6  11/18/03

Added support for PET + Glass RVM configurations
Added "Send to RVM | LED display message (Japan only)" menu.

1.1.5  11/6/03

In Unattended Mode, WinRVM can now be configured to use the same barcode file naming convention (siteidX.tbl) as the DOS-based Site Controller.

1.1.4  10/29/03

Added support for the Greek RVM's charity feature.

1.1.3  10/27/03

Added "Connect via" setting to the host options, which defines the internet connection type (modem or LAN). This change fixes several problems compared to the previous method of relying on Windows for the dial-up connection. Do not use previous versions of WinRVM with a dial-up connection.

Changed the valid range of 3-way RVM serial numbers.

Fixed numerous bugs including a lock-up problem related to retrieving data from the host.

1.0.9  6/26/03

This is the first official release of WinRVM.

Fixed numerous bugs.

1.0.8  6/6/03

Added a toolbar with various commands.

RVM errors can now be reported to a different FTP server than the main data host server. 

Changed the Host options to include a new "Edit/add FTP server configurations" button.

Fixed numerous bugs. WinRVM now works in Japan.

1.0.7  4/28/03

Added "Modem Com Port" to Unattended mode options. If enabled, whenever WinRVM detects a ring on the modem, WinRVM will contact the host FTP server. 

Prior to sending barcodes to an RVM, the barcode table will be sorted and saved to disk.

The "Host | Check for WinRVM update" now gives the user the option to download the new version and automatically install.

It's now possible to send a new version of WinRVM to a site. 

1.0.6  4/17/03

Fixed problem that prevented the new Quatech RS485 PCI card (SSCLP-200/300) from communicating with an RVM when run under Windows XP.

Fixed several problem when the RVM software was using EAN barcodes.

Fixed several bugs.

1.0.5  3/28/03

Added "File | Edit RVM table..." which allows you to edit RVM tables and send them to the RVMs. 

Right-clicking the RVM status window in Manual Mode now displays a pop-up menu.

Added "Automatically return to Unattended Mode after this many minutes in Manual Mode" to the Unattended Mode Options.

Created "File | Delete individual RVM files" which deletes all existing individual RVM tables.

Enhanced the "Advanced | RVM configuration list".

1.04  3/13/03

Fixed bugs including display glitches when running under Windows XP.

1.03  2/21/03

Added "File | Sort barcode tables", "File | Run comm torture test".

Now display the overall progress of an RVM software installation/update.

Fixed several bugs.

1.0.2  1/29/03

Enhanced the RVM configuration list feature.

Added ways to create/edit individual RVM parameter and bin configuration files.

Added new WinRVM command file commands to set RVM parameters, send a command to an RVM, copy/delete a file, etc.

Added support for RVM service mode.

Now handle unsorted and duplicate barcodes gracefully.

1.0.1  1/8/03

Created "Options | RVM Comm | Reboot Delay" for use with Fuji RVMs.

Fixed minor bugs.

1.0.0  12/19/02

Fixed bugs relating to the "Advanced | Install RVM Program to group of RVMs" feature.

0.9.9   12/17/02

Added support for the Remote display.
Combined the separate "Options" commands into a single, Options screen.
Added host retries.
Added help.
Implemented "Advanced | Check/reset code CRC".
WinRVM now uses the pkzip/pkunzip programs instead of wzzip/wzunzip.
Added command file commands to delete a WinRVM registry key and display a text string.
Added the ability to add/delete WinRVM's registry settings when a new version of WinRVM is installed.
Fixed display problems when running under Windows XP .

0.9.8   11/21/02

Added site controller features:

In Unattended mode, the program operates somewhat like the DOS program SC1500 (site controller). The program will run without user intervention and perform the following tasks:

0.9.6   10/14/02

Added "restore rvm's memory from Q file" to the Advanced menu.
When loading a file, now reprompt user if the file is not found.
Now save registry setting immediately after user selects "OK" from any options dialog box instead of only when the program closes just in case WinRVM crashes.
Fixed problem with option files that caused the parameter settings to not "take". 
Fixed bug: if sending barcodes in binary mode and any barcode option byte was hex A or larger, the program would crash with a "Run time error 13". 

0.9.5   9/30/02

This is the initial test version of WinRVM, which is similar to the DOS program PCRVM. See the WinRVM documentation for more info.