Software Update
CF1500 RVM
8/23/00                  Vol. 8 No. 9

The "binary barcode" transmission feature of this version was later discovered to contain a bug. This version should not be used with the binary barcode feature enabled in the Site Controller/PCRVM/WinRVM.

The number of barcodes the RVM is able to store in memory has been increased from 2845 to 4345 (UPC version), the EAN version capacity has increased from 2517 to 3104. The capacity of the EAN version didn't increase as much as the UPC version because of the way the barcodes are stored in the RVM memory.
New versions of Site Controller (1.45 and later) and PCRVM (6/14/00 and later) are required to take advantage of this increased capacity.  This RVM software is fully back-compatible with older versions of Site Controller and PCRVM software. The increase in capacity was accomplished by transmitting the barcodes in binary instead of ASCII format, which packs twice the amount of data in the same number of bytes. As a side benefit, barcode uploading and downloading is now twice as fast as before!

Note: if using this RVM software with an older version of Site Controller/PCRVM or if the new versions of SC/PCRVM are configured to use ASCII barcode transmission, the maximum number of barcodes supported by the RVM will be reduced to the original number of 2845 (UPC), 2517 (EAN).

Note: no special configuration is required to upgrade to this version of RVM software.  
However, to revert to a previous version of RVM software after this version is loaded, the Site Controller/PCRVM software must be configured to force ASCII transmission of barcodes
(see Site Controller/PCRVM release notes for details), otherwise, the barcode counts will be reset to zero.

Added full support for the side-cabinet glass crusher configuration.

Added a new parameter, SC_GLS_CRUSH. Set to non-zero to enable the side-cabinet glass crusher (no longer set SIDE_CABINET=5 to enable the SC glass crusher). 

Valid values for SIDE_CABINET are now:

0 = side cabinet not installed
1 = side cabinet installed, use reject chute sensor as bin full sensor (must disable REJ_SENSOR)
2 = side cabinet installed, use BSU error signal as bin full sensor

Added new errors: 114 Side Cabinet Crusher Stalled, 115 Side Cabinet Crusher Stalled (reverse)

The side cabinet glass crusher now also uses the following parameters that were previously used only by the main cabinet shredder/crusher (see parms.tbl for more info):

SH_REV_TRIES   Number of shredder/crusher stall recovery attempts to make in reverse
SH_STALL_XREV   Extended time (x 10ms) to run glass crusher in reverse AFTER stall recovery to dump bottle
SH_STALL_QWIK    Number of shredder/crusher stall recovery attempts to use the SH_STALL_DLY parameter as the delay between recovery attempts. Subsequent attempts use the SH_STALL_XDLY parameter as the delay time.
SH_STALL_XDLY    Delay this long (x 10 ms) between shredder/crusher stall recovery attempts after the first SH_STALL_QWIK stall recovery attempts.

Added new side cabinet glass crusher parameter: CR_REV_TRIES, which is similar to the SH_REV_TRIES parameter used by the main cabinet crusher/shredder. This allows the main and side cabinet crusher/shredders to be independently configured to enable/disable stall reversing. 

Added support for a third (side cabinet) diverter, which is typically used in conjunction with a side-cabinet glass crusher.
Added diagnostic 59: move side cabinet diverter. 
Diagnostic 62 now shows the status off all three diverters, now matter how many are enabled.

Redefined the USE_DIVERTER parameter. Previously, when set to non-zero, this indicated an upper diverter was installed.  This parameter is now used to enable up to three diverters as follows:
0=no diverters installed
Add the following values to enable selected diverter(s):
1=upper diverter
2=lower diverter
4=side cabinet diverter

for example, 3=upper & lower diverters installed, 5=upper & side cabinet diverters installed, 7=all 3 diverters installed, 1=just the upper diverter is installed

The SIDE_CABINET parameter is no longer used to enable the lower diverter. 

Added new errors: 
437 - Side cabinet diverter failed going left
438 - Side cabinet diverter failed going right

Eliminated the SIDE_CAB_FULL parameter. Setting SIDE_OVERFLOW=0 now disables the side cabinet full sensor.

Added support for a PET RVM with a glass soft-drop side cabinet with a single (lower) diverter.
To enable: use an RVM type of "GP" from PCRVM/SCSETUP (requires new setup files such as PARMSDIF.GP, SILOS.GPC). This will disable the upper diverter by setting USE_DIVERTER=0. SIDE_CABINET will be set to 2.

Diagnostic 61 (lower diverter) is now allowed when the upper diverter is disabled

Diagnostic 62 (diverter status) now always shows the status of both diverters, even if one is not enabled.

Removed diagnostics 14 (laser percent test) and 91 (acceptance test) to save code space.

Re-enabled diagnostic 90 (life-cycle test, which was removed on 10/27/98) and added support for up to three diverters. The cycle count is now displayed on the top line to allow for long error messages on the bottom line. Diagnostic 90 now turns on the side cabinet glass crusher and stops if the side cabinet full sensor is blocked. 

RVM table loading is more robust. When a table is sent to the RVM, the length of the timestamp line is now checked to prevent a possible mal-formatted Q file in the unlikely event that the timestamp was too long.

The RVM will now go back into service if the bin overflow sensor becomes unblocked after a bin overflow failure.

To save code space, removed support for the color sensor. France was the only location using a color sensor.

Added a new communications command, REQUST:FEATURES, so that a host computer can determine if various features are supported by the RVM software. The RVM responds with "FEATUR:n", where bits in n are set if the RVM supports the following features:
0 - binary barcode transmission
1 - EAN barcodes
2 - coupons
3 - coin
4 - printer
5 - Japanese card reader

Changed the bail routines to enhance cheat detection:

Changed the default values of various parameters in PARMS.TBL:

Changed the text in ERRLIST for errors:


Fixed long-standing problem: a coin jackpot could occur if the RVM started to vend coins and the Site Controller uploaded or downloaded a table.

Fixed long standing bug: if the cabinet door was closed with the reject chute sensor blocked, the RVM wouldn't respond to a specific communications request from the Site Controller (the Site Controller would post "SC02:no rvm response to crc query".)

Fixed bug: if SHOW_BARCODE=1 to briefly display the current scanned barcode and then USE_LASER is set to 0, the previous scanned barcode will be displayed for each subsequent container, even though the RVM is configured to no longer scan for barcodes. 

Fixed problem: diagnostics 21 and 22 (shredder/crusher jog) would not turn off the shredder/crusher motor if a "motor overload tripped" error occurred and a key was still pressed to jog the motor.

Fixed bug: if the machine was configured with coin hoppers, a laser scanner failure would not be detected when the cabinet door was closed.

Fixed bug introduced on 1/99/99: during container acceptance, if a container was pinned against the rollers as the bail returned to center enough for the bail to reach the center position, the bail motor would turn off. The relaxing of the bail would allow the container to expand and move the bail off the center position slightly. If the bail beam was still blocked (and bit 3 of the BAIL_SENSOR parameter was not set, i.e. set to 1 or 2) the customer doors would remain locked and the display would indicate "insert container".

Software Updated:

Files Updated:

CF1500.IMG   (07/31/00 09:58) (UPC)

MESSAGES.TBL (7/25/00)

CF15EAN.IMG  (07/31/00 09:57) (EAN) ERRLIST  (7/25/00)
  9250.OPT (5/12/00)
  COINS.OPT (5/12/00)
  PRINTER.OPT (5/12/00)
  SCGCRUSH.OPT (9/20/00)
  SILOS.LC4 (4/10/00)
  PARMS.TBL (7/24/00)
  PARMSDIF.L (5/12/00)
  PARMSDIF.AG (5/12/00)
  PARMSDIF.GP (4/12/00)

Click here to download these files.

Installation Notes:

For PCRVM/HUSKYRVM installs, run SCSETMAS to regenerate all parameter tables such as,, etc.

Before installing PARMS.TBL, review the parameters to make sure that match your environment, i.e. the deposit amount defaults to 5, etc.

The following files were changed:

Note: to configure an RVM with a side-cabinet mounted glass crusher: