Software Update
(all versions, including huskyrvm)
8/6/03                             Vol. 11 No. 2

Changed the valid range of RVM serial numbers that is checked when the user selects "Install RVM program / Create Machine" or "Set/modify RVM Identification".

old ranges:
030000-039999 Can
040000-049999 Glass
050000-059999 PET
600000-699999 multi commodity (2-way or 3-way machines)

new ranges:
030000-039999 Can
040000-049999 Glass
050000-059999 PET
600000-699999 2-way machines (can+PET, can+glass, glass+PET)
700000-799999 3-way machines (can+glass+PET)

Note: as before, if CheckSerialNo=No in the INI file, the program will accept any serial number w/o performing a range check.
If CheckSerialNo=Yes, the program will display a warning if the serial number entered is not in the correct range. The user is given the option to program the machine with the serial number anyway.

Updated the help screen that pops up when the user presses F1 during serial number entry.

After retrieving barcodes from an RVM, a check is performed for unsorted and duplicate barcodes. If no problems found "Barcode table is sorted" is displayed, otherwise, this message is displayed: 

"PET Barcode nnnnnnnnnn not sorted!"
"Should I fix?"

The user should select "yes" so that PCRVM sorts the table, removes duplicate barcodes (summing the barcode counts of any duplicate barcodes found) and sends the table back to the RVM. Note that the Q file itself is not sorted. The sort process make take a few minutes on the Husky, depending on the number of barcodes.

Unsorted or duplicate barcodes in the RVM is not good and causes the RVM to reject certain containers (even though the barcode is in the table) because the barcode search feature expects the barcodes to be in sorted order.

Fixed long standing communications problem in PC versions: when receiving an RVM table such as a barcode table, if an incoming character has a parity or framing error, numerous "unknown RVM message" windows would pop up.


Software Updated: Files Updated:
PCRVM.EXE 7/22/03 (COM1)
PCRVM2.EXE 7/22/03 (COM2)
PCRVM485.EXE 8/6/03 (RS485)
PCRVM4-1.EXE 8/6/03 (RS485 on COM1 using RS232 adapter)
PCRVM4-2.EXE 8/6/03 (RS485 on COM2 using RS232 adapter)
MPCRVM1.EXE 7/22/03 (COM1-modem)
MPCRVM2.EXE 7/22/03 (COM2-modem)
MPCRVM3.EXE 7/22/03 (COM3-modem)
HUSKYFS2.EXE 7/22/03 (FS2)
HUSKYFS3.EXE 7/22/03 (FS3)

Click here to download these versions.

Installation Notes:

Copy all files except huskyfs?.exe to c:\cf1500.
Husky: rename huskyfs?.exe to huskyrvm.exe before sending huskyrvm to the appropriate Husky FS2 or FS3 model.