Software Update
(all versions, including huskyrvm)
12/16/03                             Vol. 11 No. 6

Changed the "Advanced | Clear RVM counts" menu from:
    'N' = clear non-participating barcodes list
    'B' = clear Barcode counts
    'T' = clear Total counts
    'A' = clear barcode And total counts
    'E' = clear Error log
    'R' = reset barcode counts & meters
    'B' = clear barcode counts only
    'M' = clear meters only
    'E' = clear Error log
    'N' = clear non-participating barcodes list

If R, B, or M is selected, PCRVM will automatically retrieve the barcode data from the RVM first and flag the Q file as a 'removal' by changing the "HT Hxy" header line to "HT Rxy".  Also, PCRVM will now prompt "Barcodes must be reloaded! Reload now?".

Note: if AllowCountClearing=0 in the .INI file, only the "clear non-participating barcodes list" menu item will be displayed.

Fixed major problem in Husky versions: after performing an item on the "clear counts" menu, subsequent attempts to send a barcode file in recmod format would display "sort.exe missing!". This was a misleading error message because the real problem was related to being low on memory. PCRVM would then need to be restarted.
Hopefully this change will prevent any further "memory allocation failures" on the Husky as well.

Changed the message "Error, SORT.EXE missing" to "Error, SORT.EXE missing or memory low".

Made a change to reduce the .EXE file size by approximately 60K.

For use with Japanese RVMs only:
Added "Load table to RVM... | LED display message (Japan only)" menu which is only enabled when "country=japan" in the INI file. This command will send a new table 70 with default file name LED.TBL to the RVM. If the RVM software doesn't support an LED message "RVM software doesn't support LED message" will be displayed  and nothing will be sent to the RVM. The RVM must set bit 7 of it's response to "REQUST:FEATURES" to allow WinRVM to send the LED message table. The LED message table is automatically sent to the RVM after performing a software install. During a software update the LED message table is not retrieved from the RVM, LED.TBL is sent to the RVM after the software has been updated.

Added MPCRVM list command "L" to send LED.TBL.


Software Updated: Files Updated:
PCRVM.EXE 12/10/03 (COM1)
PCRVM2.EXE 12/10/03 (COM2)
PCRVM485.EXE 12/10/03 (RS485)
PCRVM4-1.EXE 12/16/03 (RS485 on COM1 using RS232 adapter)
PCRVM4-2.EXE 12/16/03 (RS485 on COM2 using RS232 adapter)
MPCRVM1.EXE 12/10/03 (COM1-modem)
MPCRVM2.EXE 12/10/03 (COM2-modem)
MPCRVM3.EXE 12/10/03 (COM3-modem)
HUSKYFS2.EXE 12/10/03 (FS2)
HUSKYFS3.EXE 12/10/03 (FS3)

Click here to download these versions.

Installation Notes:

Copy all files except huskyfs?.exe to c:\cf1500.
Husky: rename huskyfs?.exe to huskyrvm.exe before sending huskyrvm to the appropriate Husky FS2 or FS3 model.