Software Release

    Date: 09-26-05
  Pages: 1

     Product: CF1500 RVM
            Rev: Sep 26 05 16:23   

  Author: Randy Dellinger
  Backup: k51

Since the 6/8/98 version, when printing a reprint voucher with a barcode, the amount due encoded in the barcode is set to 0000 to prevent cashiers from blindly scanning the barcode and paying for a possible cheat voucher. The actual amount due is now encoded into the reprint barcode. This was changed in case the cashier blindly scanned a reprint voucher which doesn't credit the customer.

For WinRVM sites running in Unattended Mode, if the RVM parameter SC_ATTACHED=2, this will allow the RVM parameters to be changed from the keypad via #9,20. The old DOS-based Site Controller installations should continue to set SC_ATTACHED=1 to prevent RVM parameter changes from causing a "table CRC error" which causes all RVM tables to be reloaded to the RVM.

Fixed bug introduced on 10/21/04, if "*" was pressed to abort diagnostic #1, 46 (print cash voucher), the next key press would be ignored.

Fixed bug introduced on 3/16/05: pressing " *" wouldn't abort diagnostic #1, 47 (set print density).

Installation Notes:

files updated: cf1500.img, messages.tbl
Copy all files to your CF1500 folder, typically c:\cf1500.