Software Release

    Date: 05-15-06

     Product: CF1500 RVM
            Rev: May 15 06 12:58   

  Author: Randy Dellinger

When supplemental barcodes are enabled, more time is now given to scan the supplemental barcode. Previously the laser scanned for the supplemental barcode just once, for the length of time specified by the SUPPLEMENTAL parameter (max 1.1 sec). Now, the scanner will scan several times (as defined by the USE_LASER parameter) for the supplemental barcode. The duration of each scan is still defined by the SUPPLEMENTAL parameter. Since USE_LASER is normally set to 3, the laser will scan up to 3 times for a supplemental barcode when the main barcode indicates a supplemental barcode (usually 01) is also required (as defined by barcode option bit 1 in the barcode table).

When the cabinet door is closed the Cybertech printer is no longer reset. This prevents printing of a blank receipt under several scenarios such as when a cheater opens and closes the storage cabinet during a voucher print. The cheater could claim he inserted many containers and the machine printed a blank receipt.
Whenever the Cybertech printer is reset while the printer's front sensor is blocked, a blank ticket is printed (by the printer itself, not the RVM software). Diagnostic 42 can still be used to reset the printer.
Note: sometimes when loading paper into the printer it may not feed properly. With this software change, closing the cabinet door may display a "printer paper jam" error, where previously, the RVM would reset the printer which would sometimes load the paper. To fix this problem the user will need to lift the printhead, feed the paper, then lower the printhead which causes the printer to feed the paper correctly.

Installation Notes:

files updated: cf1500.img, messages.tbl
Copy all files to your CF1500 folder, typically c:\cf1500.