Software Test Release

    Date: 10-25-06

     Product: CF1500 RVM
            Rev: Oct 25 06 14:45   (Greece)

  Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a special RVM version intended for use in Greece. Coupons are enabled, coin hoppers are disabled, EAN13 barcode table format.
This is a beta version of software, it has not been fully tested yet.

Fixed problem: if printer code %#053 was used in a voucher, the number printed would not increment after more containers were inserted because this counter was only being updated prior to downloading (making a Q file).

Installation Notes:

files updated: cf1500.img, messages.tbl, msggre.tbl
Copy all files to your CF1500 folder, typically c:\cf1500 (you may want to backup your old files first).
Make sure "Use ASCII barcode transmission format" is unchecked in WinRVM's General Options before loading this version of RVM software.

for more info, see the previous version
You must reload the coupon files after updating the RVM software.