Product: CF1500 RVM
Mar 14 08 10:32 (USA, Cybertech printer + coins)   
                    Mar 14 08 10:40 (USA, Cybertech+Hecon+Swecoin, no coins) 
                    Mar 14 08 10:27 (EAN, Cybertech printer only)   

     Date: 3/14/08
Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a beta version of software, it has not been fully tested.

Added support for graphics on Swecoin printer vouchers.

Added support for the Swecoin printer's text positioning command that allows for precise text positioning as implemented in Coupon Designer ver 1.4.1.
Simple Swecoin vouchers created without Coupon Designer are still supported.

Added support for the Swecoin printer's optional paper low sensor. Note: the printer won't indicate that paper is low until 3 consecutive printouts indicate paper low.
Added Warning 155 "Printer paper low (Swecoin)", which is only reported once (reset once RVM's cabinet door is opened and closed).
If the paper low sensor is unplugged the RVM will report that the paper is low.

Added support for storing printer images directly in the printer when using WinRVM's "Send to RVM | Printer tickets... | Store images in Hecon/Swecoin printer..." feature. Requires WinRVM ver 1.86 or later or pocket WinRVM ver 1.5.2 or later.

When a single-cabinet RVM goes full, the RVM no longer sends both error 465 (main cabinet full) and error 450 (bin full). Only one of the error will be sent (450 for full-by-count, 465 when using bin full sensors).

Fixed long-standing bug: if messages.tbl was loaded and an LCD was installed, the LCD could display random characters such as a line of """"""""""""""""""""" on the bottom line of the LCD. Details: the VFD user-defined characters from line 398 of messages.tbl were being sent to the LCD.

Fixed bug introduced on 9/6/05: after a printer fail, the RVM would incorrectly respond that it was "in service" to a status request from WinRVM.

Fixed communications-delay problems when using MON ROM ver 2-12-08 or later when using RS485 mode.

Removed additional MU2000-related warnings from ERRLIST.

Installation Notes:

files updated: cf1500.img (printer-only), cf1500 coins.img [coins+Cybertech printers], CF1500 EAN.img, errlist, messages.tbl

From now on, the default RVM program (cf1500.img) is the printer-only version that supports Cybertech, Hecon, and Swecoin printers.
When updating software in a coin-vending RVM, use "cf1500 coins.img".

Copy all files to your CF1500 folder, typically c:\cf1500.