Product: CF1500 RVM
Jan 26 11 10:18 (USA, printer only, no coins) 
   for HyVee RVM

     Date: 1/26/11
Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a beta version of software, it has not been fully tested.
This version is designed for use in HyVee RVMs sitting on two totes with separate left and right bin clear buttons. It could be used in a regular RVM as long as full-by-count and weight tickets are not required.

Note: this version has a bug related to setting CLR_BIN_ANYTM=2. It both bins went full pressing both bin clear buttons only cleared the rightmost bin counts. Workarounds: set CLR_BIN_ANYTM=0 or use keypad to clear the counts.

Note: this is a re-release of the 1/7/11 version to fix two bugs:
1. The RVM detected occasional bogus bin clear button presses.
2  .In diagnostic 7 (bin clear button status), if you pressed a bin clear button then pressed "C" to advance to diagnostic 8, the display would erroneously indicate:
bin not full!
not pushed

instead of:
Diagnostic 08: Cash button status
not pushed

Added support for an additional bin clear button in the right-most cabinet. This button only clears the bin counts in the right bin. No weight ticket is printed when either bin clear button is pressed.
Diagnostic 7 (weight ticket/bin clear button) shows the status of the left and right bin clear buttons.

Created HyVee-specific bin configuration files: SILOS.HyVee.AC (for can RVM), SILOS.HyVee.GS (for glass RVM), SILOS.HyVee.PC (for PET RVM).

Note: this and future non-interactive CF1500 versions no longer support the Swecoin printer.

Changed message table line 94 from "SERVICE MODE IS LEFT ON" to "GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU RECYCLE!" because the In Service Mode message can create problems in the field if a technician leaves a machine or a site in service mode. Many times this will result in a service call because customers will confuse this with a machine being out of service.

Fixed major bug introduced on 10/27/10: if the RVM was configured as a can-only machine and the staging sensor was enabled, every can would be rejected because of a UPC/Container mismatch problem.

Use the following parameter values:

Glass machine:

PET machine (has German compactors):

Installation Notes:

files updated: cf1500.img, messages.tbl, errlist, SILOS.HyVee.AC, SILOS.HyVee.GS, SILOS.HyVee.PC

See the RVM software update instructions.

See version history.