Product: CF1500 RVM (Interactive/barcode client)
  Version: Aug 10 12 12:50 (
Hecon printers only)
                Aug 10 12 12:49 (
Swecoin printer only)

     Date: 8/10/12
Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a special Interactive "barcode client" RVM version.

This special Interactive "barcode client" RVM versions allow unlimited barcode capacity. It supports: coupons, EAN barcodes, charity, card reader.

Enhanced the bail recovery routine to be able to recover after pinning a standing 375ml can between the bail and rollers, as pictured:

Previously, if the bail was unable to return to center it would return to the limit (as pictured). Unfortunately, the length of a 375ml can corresponds to the distance whereby the bail would still be on the limit, so the bail would try to return to center, jam, pause, return to the limit (which it was already at), repeat, which resulted in the RVM going out of service for a bail failure.

If the bail is unable to reach the center, after the bail returns to the left/right limit the software now nudges (as defined by BAIL_NUDGE_TM) the bail further off the limit towards the top (CW in the example above), then pauses (as defined by BAIL_DELAY) to allow the container to fall prior to returning the bail to center.
Note: we recommend setting BAIL_NUDGE_TM=7. If BAIL_NUDGE_TM is over 40 such that the bail nudge time stops the bail past the top center position, the bail will rotate completely around to the other side instead of returning in the original direction (in the example above the bail would rotate CW all the way back to center). Setting BAIL_NUDGE_TM=0 disables this feature.

Note: setting BAILDROPTIME=0 may also help reduce can jams.

Interactive RVM versions now send warning 490 "RVM returned to service" when the RVM goes back into service (actually 30 seconds after going back into service). Previously, this feature was only available in Greek RVM versions.

Fixed bug introduced on 3/29/12: if the bail beam unexpectedly blocked while idle, the customer door locks would not be unlocked after the bail reject cycle was complete, preventing customer from inserting containers.

Installation Notes:
files updated: CF1500 interactive barcode client Hecon 2012-08-10.IMG, CF1500 interactive barcode client Swecoin 2012-08-10, messages.tbl
Note: message table is customized for Australian market.

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