Product: CF1500 RVM (Interactive/barcode client)
  Version: May 6 13 10:08 (
Hecon printers only)
                May 6 13 10:02 (
Swecoin printer only)

     Date: 5/6/13
Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a special Interactive "barcode client" RVM version.

This is a beta version of software, it has not been fully tested.

This special Interactive "barcode client" RVM versions allow unlimited barcode capacity. It supports: coupons, EAN barcodes, charity, card reader.

All RVM versions now support the parameter: WARN_TIME  which was previously a Greek-version only parameter.
When enabled (set to a non-zero value), the RVM will log and transmit a warning if it is has been in a certain condition for the amount of time specified by WARN_TIME  (x100 ms). The default value of WARN_TIME  is 6000 = 10 minutes.

210 - Too long in "Remove container" mode    [such as if customer holds the customer door opens a long time]
211 - Too long in "Cabinet door open" mode  
[cabinet door left open a long time]
212 - Too long in "Take your ticket" mode   
[waiting for customer to take ticket - only enabled when TAKETICKET_TM=0]
213 - Too long in Service mode               [technician entered PIN but hasn't quit service mode]
214 - Too long in "Remove reject" mode      
[reject chute sensor blocked]

Warning 490 "RVM returned to service" will be logged after recovering from one of the "too long in X mode" conditions.

Warning 214 is new and will be in future Greek versions as well.

Installation Notes:
files updated: CF1500 interactive barcode client Hecon 2013-05-06.IMG, CF1500 interactive barcode client Swecoin 2013-05-06, errlist, messages.tbl
Note: message table is customized for Australian market.

See the RVM software update instructions.
See the initial barcode client RVM software for more info.
See the version history.