Software Test Release

    Date: 11-12-07

     Product: Coupon Designer
            Rev: 1.3.9

  Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a beta version of software, it has not been fully tested yet.

Fixed problem: when loading an ECD file created on a different PC, "[file] not found!" would be displayed for all images unless the image files were in the same folder/drive location as the original PC.
Now when loading an ECD file, if the image file isn't found in the specified folder, the program now looks in the current folder for the image and if found, uses it without displaying an error message.

Fixed bug: if the Hecon printer was selected, the "insert symbol" button in the "add text" window could be erroneously enabled if clicking certain font sizes.

The "Show printer codes" button in the "add text" window now links to the corresponding up-to-date page on the web site.

Installation Notes:

To update an old version: copy CouponDesigner.exe (inside zip file) over your old version, typically located at c:\Program Files\CouponDesigner. Note: to design Hecon vouchers with images, the file rotate.bat must be copied to the same folder where CouponDesigner.exe is located. This is included in the zip file for manual installations.
For first-time install: download and run CouponDesigner139Setup.exe (includes rotate.bat).