Product: Coupon Designer 
     Version: 1.7.1

        Date: 12/12/14
Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a beta version of software, it has not been fully tested yet.

Fixed bug: the "Reset fonts" button caused a "run-time error 5".

Updated all dialog boxes to allow more space for labels and buttons as some were getting truncated on some displays.

Changed various default values in the options when program run for the first time.

Installation Notes:

To upgrade to the latest version, simply run the Envipco Update program.

Manual installation:

To update an old version: copy CouponDesigner.exe  (inside zip file) over your old version, typically located at c:\Program Files\CouponDesigner. Note: to design Hecon vouchers with images, the file rotate.bat must be copied to the same folder where CouponDesigner.exe is located.

For first-time install: download and run CouponDesigner171Setup.exe  

Program documentation