Product: Ultra HDS
Jun 13 11 16:31 (USA, Hecon printer only) 

     Date: 6/13/11
Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a beta version of software, it has not been fully tested.

Fixed bug: if you stuck your hand in to remove a container during barcode scanning, once the entry beam was unblocked, two full scans (2x MAX_SCAN_TIME = 10 seconds) would be attempted to read a barcode, followed by the FEED_REV_ATTS feature.
The software waits for the entry sensor to clear and if no feed sensors are blocked the container is feed back to the entry area without scanning for a barcode and no  FEED_REV_ATTS feature is performed. If a feed sensor is blocked a normal scan cycle is performed.

Fixed bug: if inserted a brown PET container whose barcode table entry didn't have the flag set to ignore the PET sensor, when reversing the feed, once the container blocked the entry beam there was a one second delay before "invalid container" was displayed. During this time frame if you removed the container, the FEED_REV_ATTS feature would activate and take a while before the machine displayed "insert container".

Fixed bug: if you inserted a second container too quickly (while gate was closing and previous container was in the bail), and exit sensor 1 become blocked prior to the gate fully closing, when rejecting the containers, the gate wasn't reopened and the container in the bail area was trapped. "Insert container " was displayed, but the machine wouldn't accept any more containers until the cabinet door was opened and the container removed from the bail area. The gate is now opened in this scenario.

Fixed bug: if inserted second container too quickly, once second container was reversed back to the entry beam, the gate could close on the first container.

Installation Notes:

files updated: HDS.img, msgHDS.tbl, HDS.opt

Copy all files to your CF1500 folder, typically c:\cf1500 (or \my documents\cf1500 on a pocket PC).
This software only works in an Ultra HDS RVM!
Use WinRVM 3.1.8  / Pocket WinRVM 1.6.5 or later to easily load a machine with Ultra HDS software, simply select "Ultra HDS" as the "RVM Model" in the "Set/modify RVM info" window.
However, you can use older versions of WinRVM/pocket WinRVM as follows:
Configure the machine as a "can + PET, crushing" RVM from WinRVM, install above IMG file for the program instead of CF1500.img, load msgHDS.tbl for the message table, then apply HDS.OPT which contains default parameter values.
Note: the message table is not backwards compatible with the CF1500 or must use different message tables for different RVM models.

See version history.