Product: WinRVM (PC version)
     Version: 3.6.2

        Date: 11/15/13
Author: Randy Dellinger

This is a beta version of software, it has not been fully tested.

When sending barcodes to an RVM now indicate how many duplicate barcodes were removed. When indicating how many barcodes were sorted in the file now indicate the number of unique barcodes instead of the total number including duplicates.

When selecting a parameter file to send to the RVM, now filter by "parms*.*" instead of "parms.*" so that files such as "parms canteen.tbl" show up in the list without having to select the "all files" filter.

Fixed bug introduced in WinRVM 3.5.8: when download/uploading a file from/to the FTP server, the progress bar wouldn't update.

Fixed bug: if the RVM comm port was disabled, menu items "File | Copy U48 barcode files from SD card to USB stick", "File | Copy RVM downloads from SD card", "File | Copy U48 RVM downloads from USB stick", "File | Update RVM files from SD card/USB stick", "Host | Send RVM downloads to host", "Host | Receive file from host only" would display the error message "RVM comm port disabled!" and prevent the menu from being selected. Workaround for older software: set the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\WinRVM\settings\CommPortNumber=1.

Fixed long-standing email bug: when two errors occurred rapidly, only the second error would be reported via email.
Note: make sure “Minutes between email retries” is not 0 in the Misc Options, otherwise no emails will be sent!


All messages sent to the GB server are now logged to a monthly log file named "GBLog Month nn.txt".
When rejecting a container the Greenbean server is notified.
When a container is accepted, "A:barcode,Commodity,Value" is logged and the Greenbean server is notified.
When a container is rejected for non-participating, "R:barcode" is logged and the Greenbean server is notified.
When customer pays via the cash button "P:value,# containers" is logged and the Greenbean server is notified.
When RVM goes out of service, "E:error message" is logged and put hooks in to send a message to the GB server (waiting for GB to provide data format).
Sample Greenbean log:
09/30/13 14:58:34 -- A:1,8826708950,50
09/30/13 14:59:37 -- A:1,8826708950,50
09/30/13 15:01:18 -- R:0000205647
09/30/13 15:09:39 -- A:1,8826708948,50
09/30/13 15:11:16 -- P:5,1
09/30/13 15:17:00 -- E:ERROR_:440,N

Added support for sending the RVM's status to the Greenbean server which sends a string such as:
OUTOFSERVICE,1,NO,OUT,YES,RVM 1500 Oct11'13 13:50 (P,C,031558)
Fields: state (INIT, READY, OUTOFSERVICE, VENDING, INUSE, DOPEN), error code (0=no error), sleeping (YES/NO), service mode (IN/OUT), Communicating (YES/NO), RVM software version (RVM type[A/G/P/AP/L],crusher type [C/S],serial number)
Now log when the Greenbean server sends a command that a customer logs in/out or changes the security code.

Now support receiving messages from the Greenbean server such as:
The customer has logged into the smartphone app and wants to use the RVM.
The customer has logged out of the smartphone app. Tell the RVM to NOT print a receipt.
Send an updated security code to the RVM for displaying to the customer.

Reimagine Mode Changes:

To support the ability for customers to log into a website to redeem rewards:
Updated all mail-in rewards to include a redemption code and instructions. The redemption code will typically be 7 alphanumeric characters but will range from 5 to 9 characters depending on the site ID and date/time. There are no vowels in the code.

Added voucher template command
%@WN = unique Redemption Code (alpha-numeric)

Added RedemptionCodeSiteIDDigits bigfoot.ini setting.
;number of digits of the site ID to include in the redemption code algorithm. If less than 6, the very last digit is discarded, then the remaining digits on the right are kept.
;Example, if site ID=123456 and RedemptionCodeSiteIDDigits=4 then 2345 is used in the algorithm

;this is used because the last digit in the site ID is always a 1 for Reimagine sites

When a new user registers their card the site ID is inserted into the database.

Menu item "Host | Send monthly WinRVM log to host" is now visible is Reimagine mode.
The following items under the Host menu are now hidden: Gather data from all RVMs, send to host, Receive NexCycle files from host.

Installation Notes:

If setting up WinRVM on a PC for the first time, follow the installation instructions first!

To upgrade from an older version of WinRVM, you have several choices:
This version requires a full-install if updating from WinRVM prior to 3.0.0.

a) Remote update (for sites running in Unattended Mode or Interactive Mode).
Use SiteZipCopier to copy   to the corresponding site ID zip filenames and FTP to the "tosite" folder.
The next time each site calls in they will download the zip file and install the new version. For sites with modems, you can also use RVMStatus (or call the site once and hang up) to force an immediate call-back.

On-site manual update:

b) Run WinRVM and select "Host | Check for WinRVM program update" and choose "yes" to install the new version (requires internet connection).
Note: this only updates to the latest fully tested version, not beta versions.
After the update is complete, click "Help | About" to verify the correct version of WinRVM was loaded.
If WinRVM says you must perform a full install, follow choice d.

c) Run Envipco Update software. Note: this only updates to the latest fully tested version, not beta versions.

d) Manual installation of WinRVM.exe. Copy WinRVM.exe from inside the zip file in step a above to c:\program files\WinRVM.

e) Manual full installation:

  1. Uninstall your old version of WinRVM via "start | control panel | add or remove programs". 
    Your old WinRVM program settings/options will be maintained. This step isn't mandatory, but will prevent numerous copies of WinRVM from displaying in the add/remove app.

  2. Exit all running programs.

  3. Download the self-extracting setup program: WinRVM362Setup.exe .
    If you want to install WinRVM on a different PC and the only method you have to get the program there is via floppy disk:
    Run WinZip and open the Setup program ( .exe file). Unzip all the files (setup.exe, setup.lst,,, to multiple floppy disks. Copy all files to the other PC. In step 4 run setup.exe on the other PC.

  4. Run the exe file downloaded in step 3.
    Note: you may need to log in as administrator to run the setup program, otherwise you may receive errors such as "unable to register file".
    The installation program may ask you to reboot your PC and rerun the setup program. 
    If the setup program displays "Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system" after rebooting and running setup a second time, click here.
    If the setup program displays "A file being copied is not newer than the file currently on your system. It is recommended that you keep your existing file. Do you want to keep this file?", answer "Yes".

  5. You may delete the setup program downloaded in step 3 if desired.

  6. If you didn't previously download from WinRVM 1.36, download it, unzip, and copy prompt.ini to \cf1500.

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