Product: WinRVM (PC version)
     Version: 3.6.7

        Date: 4/22/14
Author: Randy Dellinger

Fixed problem of being unable to use a dial-up connection in 64-bit versions of Windows: the dial-up would say that it's instantly connected, following by "Dial-up: no existing connection" such as this sequence:
<999998> 04/22/14 10:23:53 -- Dialing Earthlink
<999998> 04/22/14 10:23:53 -- Dial-up connection to Earthlink established
<999998> 04/22/14 10:23:53 -- Connected to host Envipco (
<999998> 04/22/14 10:23:53 -- Host didn't have a file for us
<999998> 04/22/14 10:23:53 -- Dial-up: no existing connection

Added in the Host Options: a "RasDial (for 64-bit Windows)" section with 3 items:
"Use RasDial to dial ISP with:" checkbox and username/password fields.
These settings are ignored if "Connect via" is set to "LAN".
The "Use RasDial" checkbox can be left in the default unchecked state for 32-bit versions of Windows, but for 64-bit versions you must enable "Use RasDial" and fill in the Username and Password fields, which correspond to the dial-up connections selected in "Connect via".
The default Username is and the default password is "winrvm07". You should change the username based on your location:

State Username Password
CT winrvm07
NY winrvm07
MA winrvm07
other winrvm07

After connecting to the dialup ISP added a delay before logging into the FTP server, which is defined by the new FTPStartDelay registry setting which defaults to 2500 (2.5 sec, the minimum value is 1 sec).

To free up room in the Host Options, eliminated rarely-used settings: "Day of month to reset FTP thruput counter", "Max monthly FTP thruput in KB", "Delay after done" (you can still change these values via registry settings DayToResetFTPThruput, MaxFTPThruput, FTPFinishDelay). Note: you must shut down WinRVM before making registry changes.

Installation Notes:

If setting up WinRVM on a PC for the first time, follow the installation instructions first!

To upgrade from an older version of WinRVM, you have several choices:
This version requires a full-install if updating from WinRVM prior to 3.0.0.

a) Remote update (for sites running in Unattended Mode or Interactive Mode).
Use SiteZipCopier to copy   to the corresponding site ID zip filenames and FTP to the "tosite" folder.
The next time each site calls in they will download the zip file and install the new version. For sites with modems, you can also use RVMStatus (or call the site once and hang up) to force an immediate call-back.

On-site manual update:

b) Run WinRVM and select "Host | Check for WinRVM program update" and choose "yes" to install the new version (requires internet connection).
Note: this only updates to the latest fully tested version, not beta versions.
After the update is complete, click "Help | About" to verify the correct version of WinRVM was loaded.
If WinRVM says you must perform a full install, follow choice d.

c) Run Envipco Update software. Note: this only updates to the latest fully tested version, not beta versions.

d) Manual installation of WinRVM.exe. Copy WinRVM.exe from inside the zip file in step a above to c:\program files\WinRVM.

e) Manual full installation:

  1. Uninstall your old version of WinRVM via "start | control panel | add or remove programs". 
    Your old WinRVM program settings/options will be maintained. This step isn't mandatory, but will prevent numerous copies of WinRVM from displaying in the add/remove app.

  2. Exit all running programs.

  3. Download the self-extracting setup program: WinRVM367Setup.exe .
    If you want to install WinRVM on a different PC and the only method you have to get the program there is via floppy disk:
    Run WinZip and open the Setup program ( .exe file). Unzip all the files (setup.exe, setup.lst,,, to multiple floppy disks. Copy all files to the other PC. In step 4 run setup.exe on the other PC.

  4. Run the exe file downloaded in step 3.
    Note: you may need to log in as administrator to run the setup program, otherwise you may receive errors such as "unable to register file".
    The installation program may ask you to reboot your PC and rerun the setup program. 
    If the setup program displays "Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system" after rebooting and running setup a second time, click here.
    If the setup program displays "A file being copied is not newer than the file currently on your system. It is recommended that you keep your existing file. Do you want to keep this file?", answer "Yes".

  5. You may delete the setup program downloaded in step 3 if desired.

  6. If you didn't previously download from WinRVM 1.36, download it, unzip, and copy prompt.ini to \cf1500.

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