Kroger XMT Bottle Room in MI (pdf) 6/19/09
Envipco Picnic 09/11/09
Misc (trash compactor, RA8000, wrapped CF1500) 01/30/09
Michigan Kroger Interactive Demo 01/23/09
Greece (weight sensor, hinged upper glass chute, Hecon X56 bracket) Oct 2, 2008
Envipco Picnic 08/01/08
German CF1500 electronics/new cabinet doors 12/03/07
Interactive RVM 10/18/07
glass tipper 7/23/07
Viking boat made from PET bottles 6/07
Naugatuck's cat (Stinky) 12/7/05
Greece 06/05 (from Anthony)
iPAQ mounting hardware 5/3/05
Restrictor Plate 5/3/05
Munich 4/03
Japan 1/02
Japan 7/01
Hama Sushi 9/99
South Riding 9/99

Tomra's 2006 3rd-quarter results show Envipco RVMs in Greece! Here is the link to the full pdf at  



(currently down)

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