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If setting up a  pocket PC for the first time, follow the steps in the installation info document instead!

To upgrade from an older version of Pocket WinRVM, you have two choices:

a) Run pocket WinRVM and select "Host | Check for WinRVM program update" [pocket PC must have internet access] and choose "yes" to install the new version. This will also download the latest WinRVM documentation. After the update is complete run pocket WinRVM, tap "Help | About" to verify the correct version of WinRVM was loaded.
Note: if WinRVM says you must perform a full install, follow choice b.

- Press and release the reset button on the back (or bottom) of the Pocket PC with the stylus.
- Turn on the Pocket PC and plug it into the PC's USB port using either the docking cradle or the USB/RS232 "Y" adapter cable.
- A "New Partnership" window should display on the PC within a few seconds. Ignore this window - just leave it open.
- Download the latest version (see version history) to your PC and run the setup program on the PC (not the pocket PC!).
- When asked to "install Pocket WinRVM in the default directory", select YES.
- The pocket pc should display "Envipco Pocket WinRVM is already installed. Re-install? Tap "OK".
- If the pocket pc asks "would you like to replace the existing file ...", tap "Yes to all".


How to print the documentation:
Open each of the above documentation files in a separate window (right-click each link and select "open in new window") then click "File | Print" from each newly created window.


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